North Carolina A&T GPA, SAT and ACT Data

North Carolina A&T GPA, SAT and ACT Graph

North Carolina A & T State University GPA, SAT and ACT Data for Admission
North Carolina A & T State University GPA, SAT Scores and ACT Scores for Admission. Data courtesy of Cappex.

Discussion of North Carolina A&T's Admissions Standards:

Admission to the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University isn't overly selective. For the class entering in 2015, 60% of applicants were admitted. In the scattergraph above, the blue and green dots represent students who were accepted. You can see that most had unweighted high school GPAs of B- or better. On the standardized test front, the majority of successful applicants had a combined SAT score (RW+M) of 850 or higher and an ACT composite score of 15 or higher. Your chances of receiving an acceptance letter will be greater if your grades and scores are above these lower ranges. Most admitted students had solid "A" or "B" averages in high school.

Grades and standardized test scores do not paint the whole admissions picture for NC A&T. You'll notice in the graph that there are several red dots (rejected students) and yellow dots (waitlisted students) mixed in with the green and blue in the middle of the graph. This means that some students with grades and test scores that were on target for North Carolina A&T did not get in. Note also that a few students were accepted with test scores and grades that were below the norm. This is because North Carolina A&T has holistic admissions and evaluates the whole person, not just an applicant's numerical data. The North Carolina A&T application asks students to write a 500-word personal statement, and the university is also interested in your extracurricular activities -- the application has areas for you to describe jobs you have held, organizations you have joined, community service work you have performed, talents you possess, and awards you have won. Also, NC A&T like most colleges looks at the rigor of your high school courses, not just your grades. AP, IB and Honors courses can all help you demonstrate your college readiness. Finally, as a NCAA Division I university, athletic talent can help a student find a place at NC A&T.

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