North Carolina Printables

North Carolina Printables
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North Carolina was one of the original 13 colonies. As a matter of fact, an island off the coast of the state, Roanoke, was the site of the first British Colony.

The Roanoke Colony is surrounded by mystery. When explorers later returned to the site, all of the colonists were gone. No one has ever figured out what happened to them.

The 12th state to enter the union on November 21, 1789, North Carolina was also one of eleven southern states to succeed during the Civil War.

North Carolina is a state of varied geography. Sixty percent of the state is covered by forests. It contains the Appalachian Mountain range on the west and some of the country's most beautiful beaches on the east.

Because it is so heavily forested, North Carolina is one of the leading producers of furniture in the United States.

In 1999, the Cape Hatteras lighthouse became the largest lighthouse ever moved in the U.S. It was moved 2,900 feet from its original location due to erosion. 

North Carolina boasts the largest home in the United States, Biltmore Estates. Construction on the 178,926 square feet estate began in 1889. It has 35 bedrooms, 43 bathrooms, 65 fireplaces, and an indoor pool and bowling alley!

The state is also home to Kitty Hawk, the site from which the Wright Brothers flew their first plane!

Help your students learn more fascinating facts about the Tar Heel State with the following free printables.

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North Carolina Vocabulary

Print the pdf: North Carolina Vocabulary Sheet

Students can begin learning about North Carolina with this vocabulary sheet filled with terms associated with the state. They should use an atlas or the Internet to determine the significance of each term as related to North Carolina. Then, they will write each term on the blank line next to the phrase that best describes it.

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North Carolina Word Search

Print the pdf: North Carolina Word Search

Students will continue to explore North Carolina with this word search puzzle. If they look up the Eastern box turtle, students will discover that it is the state reptile of North Carolina. Did you know that you can determine the gender of these turtles by their eye color? The males usually have red eyes, while the females' eyes are brown.

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North Carolina Crossword Puzzle

Print the pdf: North Carolina Crossword Puzzle

This fun crossword puzzle will give students a chance to see how much they remember about North Carolina. After completing the vocabulary sheet and word search, students should be familiar with each of the terms in the word bank. Each term corresponds with one of the crossword puzzle clues.

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North Carolina Challenge

Print the pdf: North Carolina Challenge

Use this North Carolina challenge worksheet as a simple quiz to see how much your students remember. Each description is followed by four multiple choice options.

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North Carolina Alphabet Activity

Print the pdf: North Carolina Alphabet Activity

Young students can hone their alphabetizing skills and practice their handwriting by writing each of these words associated with North Carolina in correct alphabetical order.

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North Carolina Draw and Write

Print the pdf: North Carolina Draw and Write Page

Students will enjoy the opportunity to express their creativity with this draw and write page. They can draw a picture of something related to North Carolina. Then, they can write about or describe their drawing on the blank lines provided.

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North Carolina Coloring Page

Print the pdf: Coloring Page

The cardinal, a medium-sized songbird, is North Carolina's state bird. The male is a bold red color with a striking black ring around his yellow beak. The females are reddish-brown in color.

North Carolina's state flower is the dogwood. There are three species of dogwood that grow in North Carolina. The flowering dogwood features white or pink flowers with four petals and a yellow center.

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North Carolina Coloring Page - Great Smoky Mountains

Print the pdf: coloring Page 

The 520,000 acre Great Smoky Mountains National Park is situated in eastern Tennessee and western North Carolina. Of the total acreage, 276,000 are located in North Carolina.

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North Carolina Coloring Page - Covered Wagon

Print the pdf: coloring Page - Covered Wagon

Many settlers arrived in North Carolina in covered wagons. They traveled along the Great Wagon Road which ran 700 miles from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Augusta, Georgia. As the northern states became more crowded, settlers traveled south seeking farmland.

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North Carolina State Map

Print the pdf: North Carolina State Map

Students should use an atlas or the Internet to complete this map of North Carolina. They should fill in the state capital, major cities and waterways, and other state attractions and landmarks.

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