AVP Beach Volleyball Men's Career Win Leaders

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Established in 1983, the AVP (Association of Volleyball Professionals) produces, markets and distributes volleyball events worldwide, including the popular AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour.

While promoting family-oriented events and supporting a healthy lifestyle, the Association of Volleyball Professionals is best known for its world-class athletes, who have won numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in the Olympic games.

Notable Players

The Association of Volleyball Professionals has both a men’s and women’s division, and has hosted a number of notable players from each gender.


Karch Kiraly

Sinjin Smith

Randy Stoklos

Mike Dodd

Kent Steffes

Kent Steffes

Phil Dalhausser

Mike Lambert

Stein Metzger

Dax Holdren

Jeff Nygaard

Jake Gibb 

Sean Rosenthal 

Matt Fuerbringer

Casey Jennings

Todd Rogers

Dain Blanton

Eric Fonoimoana



Misty May-Treanor 

Kerri Walsh

Holly McPeak

Elaine Youngs 

Rachel Wacholder-Scott

Jennifer Kessy 

April Ross 

Tyra Turner

Jenny Johnson Jordan

Annett Davis

Suzanne Stonebarger

Michelle More

Nicole Branagh 

Angie Akers

Jenny Kropp

Men’s Career Wins Leaders

1.       Karch Kiraly - 148

2.       Sinjin Smith - 139

3.       Randy Stoklos - 122

4.       Kent Steffes - 110

5.       Emanuel Rego - 78

6.       Mike Dodd - 75

7.       Todd Rogers - 66

8.       Ron Van Hagen - 62

9.       Tim Hovland - 60

10.   Jose Loiola - 55

Karch Kiraly

The all-time winningest male player in the Association of Volleyball Professionals is Karch Kiraly.

Kiraly is one of only three people who have won Olympic gold medals in both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball. Kiraly was named the greatest volleyball player of the twentieth century by FIVB, volleyball’s highest governing body.

The winningest player in the history of beach volleyball, Kiraly’s career spanned over four different decades.

He played in his first beach volleyball tournament at the young age of eleven, where he served as his father’s partner. Playing at such a young age gave Kiraly confidence to continue his career.

Kiraly won at least one tournament in twenty-four out of the twenty-eight seasons that he played professional beach volleyball. Kiraly continued to play well into his mid-40s. According to AVP statistics, Kiraly claimed titles with thirteen different partners.

In the end, Kiraly won a grand total of 148 professional beach volleyball titles throughout his illustrious career. He is the only player in the history of the Association of Volleyball Professionals to win over 140 professional beach volleyball titles.  

The next closest player in terms of total wins is Sinjin Smith, who has tallied 139 total wins. Interestingly enough, Smith was teammates with Karch Kiraly at UCLA, and the duo even partnered up for a brief while in the 1980s.  

Following Smith in terms of total wins, is another one of Smith’s partners, Randy Stoklos. Stoklos accumulated 122 total wins. Behind Stoklos is Kent Steffes, who has 110 total wins. Kiraly, Smith, Stoklos, and Steffes are the only players who have accumulated over 100 career AVP Beach Volleyball wins.