Noun + Preposition Combinations Quiz

Do you know which preposition to use with these common nouns?

Vague Gesture
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1. He gave her a check _____ a lot of money.
2. The reason _____ this meeting is to discuss the merger.
3. The decrease _____ profits is due to the bad market.
4. There is a real demand ______ new products.
5. We have seen a fall ______ prices recently.
6. The cause ______ his problems is his family.
7. Did you do any damage ______ the house?
8. I think your attitude _____ your sister is very bad indeed.
9. The difference _____ the two is very slight.
10. He took a photograph ______ his girlfriend.
11. Do you have a good relationship ______ most of your relatives?
12. She wasn't aware ______ his reaction to the problem.
13. Did you send Alice an invitation ______ the party?
14. The connection _______ the two victims was minimal.
15. The advantage ______ having free time is that you can do anything you want with it.
16. He made a mistake _______ thinking that Alice was someone he could easily fool.
Noun + Preposition Combinations Quiz
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 Great job on this quiz! It's clear you understand common noun + preposition combinations in English. Of course, there is always more you can learn. You want try another challenging preposition quiz, or learn how to make small talk. 

Noun + Preposition Combinations Quiz
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Good job. You know a lot of combinations, but there are certainly more you can learn. of course, the learning never stops when it comes to English! Keep it up and you'll become more and more confident in your abilities. 

Noun + Preposition Combinations Quiz
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 Learning these combinations can be difficult. That's OK. keep listening to native speakers, as well as taking other preposition quizzes and brush-up your grammar with explanations from this site and grammar books. You'll get there in the end! English takes lot of work, but the fact you are taking this quiz means you're already working hard!