Grammar Glossary for Spanish Students

Old Mac computer
Una computadora. (A computer.). Photo by Bruno Cordioli; licensed via Creative Commons.

Definition: In both English and Spanish, a noun is a word that refers to and names a person, place, thing, concept, entity or action. Grammatically, a noun can serve as the subject of a sentence or the object of a verb or preposition. A noun can also be described by adjectives or replaced by a pronoun.

In both English and Spanish, nouns can be inflected for number (singular or plural) and gender (rare in English).

Also known as: Nombre or sustantivo in Spanish.

Examples in Spanish: computadora, Ricardo, Nueva York, felicidad, condado, fumar (can also function as a verb).

Corresponding examples in English: computer, Richard, New York, happiness, county, smoking (can also function as a verb).