OBAMA - Last Name Meaning and Origin

Obama is an African surname believed to have originated with the Luo tribe of Kenya.
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Obama is an ancient Kenyan surname, found most frequently among the Luo, the third largest ethnic group in Kenya. The surname is believed to be patronymic in origin, meaning "descendant of Obama." The given name Obama, in turn, derived from the root word obam, meaning “to lean or bend.” 

Traditional African given names often reflect the circumstances at the time of the birth. Thus, the given name Obama may mean a child born "bent," such as with a crooked spine or limbs, or possibly refers to a breech birth.

Obama is also a Japanese word meaning "little beach."

Surname Origin: African

Surname Variations: OBAM, OBAMMA, OOBAMA, O'BAMA, AOBAMA, 

Where do People with the Surname Obama Live?

WorldNames publicprofiler indicates that individuals with the Obama last name are found in greatest numbers in the country of Japan, especially in the Okinawa and Kyushu regions. However, this site does not include data from Africa. Forebears.co.uk shows the highest distribution of the Obama surname to be in Cameroon, with the highest density in Equatorial Guinea, where it is the 10th most common surname. The name is next most common in Kenya, followed by Spain and France.

Famous People with the Surname Obama

Barack Hussein Obama - 44th president of the United States

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