October Themes, Holiday Activities, and Events for Elementary Students

October Calendar Events with Correlating Activities

Photo Courtesy of Janelle Cox

Here is a list of October themes, events, and holidays with correlating activities to go with them. Use these ideas for inspiration to create your own lessons and activities, or use the ideas provided.

Celebrate Bullying Prevention Month and School Safety Month all October long.

October Holidays and Events With Correlating Activities

October 1st - World Vegetarian Day

October 2nd - World Farm Animals Day 

  • Celebrate farm animals by taking a field trip to your local farm.

October 3rd - Techies Day

October 4th - National Diversity Day

  • Teach students about the importance of diversity in the world by playing games and partaking in activities. Try any of these activities in your classroom.

October 5th - World Teacher Day

  • Honor and celebrate all teachers by trying any of these ideas.

October 6th - Mad Hatter Day

October 7th - World Bullying Prevention Day 

Bullying is a serious issue in schools today. On this day spark a discussion and partake in activities that relate to bullying.

October 8th - National Face Your Fears Day

  • Have students take a moment to think about what they fear most. Then take turns going around the room discussing these fears. As a class, brainstorm ways they can overcome these fears.

October 9th - Fire Prevention Day

  • The week of October 6-12 is fire prevention week. During this time, teach kids about fire safety.

October 10th - World Mental Health Day 

  • Help students understand developmental disorders by shedding some light on Autism, and other disorders that children may see or hear about in school.

October 11th - Eleanor Roosevelt's Birthday 

October 12th - Universal Music Day 

  • Celebrate music day by having students partake in a variety of music-related activities.

October 13th - Astronomy Day

  • Allow students to learn about the stars and the sky with by browsing these fantastic articles.

October 14th - Columbus Day 

  • Sail the sea with Columbus Day activities for students in grades 1-3. Plus: How much do your students really know about Columbus Day? Take a quiz or try a word search and find out.

October 15th - White Cane Safety Day 

  • Celebrate the blind and visually impaired by teaching students all about disabilities. Talk about Helen Keller and all she went through.

October 16th - World Food Day 

  • Have students join the global movement to end hunger by bringing in can foods to donate to your local shelter.

October 17th - Black Poetry Day

October 18th - National Chocolate Cupcake Day 

  • What a wonderful day to celebrate! Have students put on their chef hats and bake cupcakes!

October 19th - Sweetest Day 

  • This is a day to honor the people you love the most. Have students write a poem, letter, or story to their family.

October 20th - Information Overload Day

  • In today's society, we are overloaded with information so on this day give students a break!

October 21st - Reptile Awareness Day 

  • This day may freak students out just a little bit. But, it's important for them to learn about all species. Take the time and have students learn all about reptiles.

October 22nd - National Nut Day 

  • In this day and age, it isn't uncommon for a student to have a nut allergy. This day was designed to recognize the healthy eating of nuts, but teachers can use this day to talk about the serious risks of nut allergies.

October 23rd - National iPod Day

  • The iPod is 10 years old! If students are privileged enough to own an iPod, allow them to bring it to class and give them a chance to play a learning game at recess.

October 24th - United Nations Day

  • On this day, teach students all about the United Nations. Then break students into cooperative learning groups and see how much they learned.

October 25th - Frankenstein Friday 

  • Oh, how much fun your students' will have on this day! Watch the Frankenstein movie, eat green food, and paint fun pictures to honor this spooky character.

October 26th - Make a Difference Day 

  • This day is the largest national day of helping others. Take time out of the day to have students help a fellow friend, teacher, or someone special.

October 27th - Theodore Roosevelt's Birthday 

  • Honor this historic president by having students write a biography poem.

October 28th - Statue of Liberty's Birthday 

  • Who doesn't love NY? Honor the Statue of Liberty by teaching students important facts about this statue!

October 29th - International Internet Day 

  • What would we do without the internet? That is a question you can pose to students. Have each child write an essay to answer that question.

October 30th - John Adam's Birthday 

October 31st - Halloween

  • Celebrate this fun holiday by trying any or all of these activities.