October Writing Prompts

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October begins with students and teachers still happily enjoy the summer holidays and ends with the excitement of heading back to school. Feel free to use these writing prompts for each day in October as daily warm-ups or journal entries.

October Holidays

  • Adopt-a-Shelter-Animal Month
  • Computer Learning Month
  • Family History Month
  • National Dessert Month
  • Energy Awareness Month

Writing Prompt Ideas for October

  • October 1 - Theme: World Vegetarian Day
    Are you a vegetarian? Why? If not, would you ever consider becoming one? Why or why not?
  • October 2 - Theme: Peanuts Comics Strip First Published
    Why is your favorite character from Peanuts: Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Peppermint Patty, or Another Character? Explain your answer.
  • October 3 - Theme: Family Television Day
    Is there any television show that you watch together as a family? If so, what are they? If not, explain which TV show is your favorite.
  • October 4 - Theme: Toot Your Own Flute Day
    What is something that you are really proud about? What are you good at? For today's writing assignment, brag about yourself.
  • October 5 - Theme: Fast Food (Ray Kroc's Birthday)
    What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Why?
  • October 6 - Theme: Thomas Edison Showed the First Motion Picture
    Explain how movies have changed the world.
  • October 7 - Theme: Computer Learning Month
    On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, how would you rate yourself as a computer user? Explain your answer.
  • October 8 - Theme: Stuffed Animals (Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day)
    What is your favorite stuffed animal or toy from childhood? Describe it and why it's special to you.
  • October 9 - Theme: Give Peace a Chance Day
    Do you think that the world will ever be at peace? Explain your answer.
  • October 10 - Theme: Cakes (Cake Decorating Day)
    If you could have any cake for your birthday, what would it be? Describe the type of cake, the type of icing, and how it would be decorated.
  • October 11 - Theme: Eleanor Roosevelt's Birthday
    Eleanor Roosevelt was born on this date in 1884. She is considered one of the most influential First Ladies. In your opinion, do you think that the First Lady should have the ability to influence the government?
  • October 12 - Theme: Columbus Day
    Should Columbus Day be celebrated with parades as it is in many cities across America? Explain your answer.
  • October 13 - Theme: Train Your Brain Day
    Are you a fan of crosswords, sudoku, or other mind games? Why or why not?
  • October 14 - Theme: Chocolate Covered Insect Day
    Would you ever consider eating a chocolate covered insect? Why or why not?
  • October 15 - Theme: National Poetry Day
    T. S. Eliot said, "Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood." What do you think he meant by this?
  • October 16 - Theme: Dictionary Day
    Are you a fan of word games like Scrabble or Balderdash? Why or why not?
  • October 17 - Theme: Wear Something Gaudy Day
    Describe the gaudiest outfit imaginable. Would you wear it?
  • October 18 - Theme: Adopt-a-Shelter-Animal Day
    If you were to buy a dog or cat, would you go to a shelter to adopt one or buy from a breeder? Explain your reasons.
  • October 19 - Theme: Thomas Edison Demonstrated the Electric Light
    Describe at least five things that would be different about life if there were no electric lights.
  • October 20 - Theme: Sweetest Day
    Describe at least three nice things that you can do for someone you care about.
  • October 21 - Theme: Reptile Awareness Day
    Would you own a snake as a pet? Why or why not?
  • October 22 - Theme: National Color Day
    What is your favorite color? How would you describe your favorite color to a blind person?
  • October 23 - Theme: Mole Day
    In honor of Mole Day, write three ways in which chemistry has made the world a better place.
  • October 24 - Theme: United Nations Day
    If you could visit one foreign country, which would it be and why?
  • October 25 - Theme: Sarcasm (Sarcastic Month)
    Are you a fan of sarcasm? Are you personally sarcastic? Explain your answers.
  • October 26 - Theme: Make a Difference Day
    Pick an area of your life: family, school, work, friends, or society. Explain 5 ways you can make a positive difference in that area.
  • October 27 - Theme: Navy Day
    If you were required to join the US military, would you want to be in the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines? Explain your answer.
  • October 28 - Theme: Statue of Liberty's Birthday
    Which monument in America inspires you the most? Explain your answer.
  • October 29 - Theme: Costumes
    If you were going to go to a costume party, what costume would you choose? Why?
  • October 30 - Theme: National Candy Corn Day
    What's your favorite Halloween candy? Why?
  • October 31 - Theme: Halloween
    Do you like Halloween? Why or why not?