Easy Office 365 Setup for Windows Phone

Download Productivity Apps, Activate Email, and More in Microosft's Cloud Suite

Windows Phone is one of the easiest devices to activate Office 365Office 365 on. If you do not know the steps, however, you could be really frustrated.

Here is how to skip the runaround and get started as quickly as possible, with just 3 easy steps.

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Ballmer and Windows Phone 8 Hardware
Ballmer and Windows Phone 8 Hardware. (c) Courtesy of Microsoft

First, make sure you can sign in to the Office 365 portal under your personal or organizational account. More »

On your device, select Settings - Email - Add an Account - Type in your email address -  Type in your Password - Customize any additional settings.

If you want to setup POP or IMAP email, I have linked to more detail on that option.

An administrator at your organization may be coordinating this step for you, so reach out to them as well if you have questions. More »

Office Mobile for Windows is likely already installed on your Windows Phone device.

If you cannot find it, OneDrive, Lync, Yammer, or others you are interested in, you can find them In the Windows Phone store, by searching for 'Productivity'.

Looking for productivity options beyond the Microsoft realm? Alternatives: List of Office Software Suites and Apps for Windows Phone. More »

Additionally, you have the option of using Microsoft's free web-based version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Learn more here. More »

Some organizational Office 365 subscriptions give you access to SharePoint Online for connecting on team sites and more.

On your device, enter your SharePoint URL in an internet browser and sign in. At the top, go to Sites and choose the one you are interested in. More »

Your organization likely has OneDrive for Business, another place for sharing documents and more.

On your device, enter your SharePoint URL in an internet browser and sign in. This time, go to OneDrive to access the repository. 

Or, access it right through the Office app by selecting Office - Places - OneDrive - The account name.  More »

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