List of Office Software and Apps for BlackBerry

Productivity Solutions for Your Business or Personal BlackBerry Device

BlackBerry users have several strong options for office software productivity solutions. Here is a list to help you choose among current versions.

What is BlackBerry?

Devices are built on operating systems, which determine the type of software that can be used on them. BlackBerry has been developed by Research in Motion (RIM).

Although BlackBerry no longer claims a major market share of the mobile market, many business users remain loyal thanks to security and convenience features.

BlackBerry Basics for New Users

Before you buy a productivity solution, be sure to search the device for software that may already be installed on your new BlackBerry.

Where to Buy BlackBerry Software and Apps

BlackBerry's official app store is the online BlackBerry App World.

Software for your Blackberry device may also be obtained through the manufacturers' sites or third-party online marketplace sites.

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DataViz' versatile BlackBerry version of the Documents to Go software suite comes pre-installed on several devices. Before downloading, be sure to check whether your BlackBerry already has it!

An additional PDF to Go program is available as well.

Some devices even include Documents to Go Premium Edition. This is a mobile suite that allows users to view, author, and edit office software documents. For example, Documents to Go Premium is compatible with Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files.

Many devices also give you access to the desktop management software mentioned below, in item '5' of this list.   More »

Microsoft Office 365
Microsoft Office 365. (c) Image Courtesy of Microsoft

Microsoft Office 365 is a web-based office productivity environment that includes the productivity of Office. Enterprise owners can also manage their teams outfitted with Office 365 by taking advantage of Microsoft's BlackBerry Business Cloud Services.

Also, you may need 365Sync. More »

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Google Apps Logo. (c) Courtesy of Microsoft

For the BlackBerry-centric enterprise, Google Apps for Business offers ways to sync with other native applications on the devices, such as Contacts and Calendar (made possible thanks to BlackBerry Enterprise Server).

BlackBerry Internet Service customers will want to check this answer link for additional information. More »

GDocs for BlackBerry
GDocs for BlackBerry. (c) Courtesy of Microsoft

Parachute Mobile has developed this free app for fans of the desktop version of Google Docs. GDrive allows you some additional viewing and editing capabilities for use on a BlackBerry device.

GDrive allows you to work online or offline, though you can only view documents while offline.

While online, you can download documents to your device. You can also upload files to your Google Drive account. You can even take an image with your mobile device's camera and have it converted to a text file in Google Docs. 

  More »

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BlackBerry Desktop Software

BlackBerry Devices and Software
BlackBerry Devices and Software. (c) Courtesy of BlackBerry

The BlackBerry organization also offers a desktop management software. This is available for PC or Mac and allows you to streamline the relationship and syncing among your various BlackBerry mobile devices, email accounts, calendar, and more.