Reasons to Use an Offline Blog Editor

Why You Should Switch to an Offline Blog Editor

Have you ever been typing away into your blogging software program when your internet connection went down or the power went out? Have you lost all of your work and had the agonizing feeling of having to do it all again? You can reduce that stress by switching to an offline blog editor such as BlogDesk for writing and publishing your blog posts and more.

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No Internet Reliance

With an offline blog editor, you write your post offline, just as the name implies. You don't need an internet connection until you're ready to publish the post you've written. If your internet connection goes down on your end or your blog host's server goes down on their end, your post won't be lost because it lives on your hard drive until you hit the publish button within the offline blog editor. No more lost work!

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Easy to Upload Images and Videos

Have you had trouble publishing images or videos in your blog posts? Offline blog editors make publishing images and video a snap. Simply insert your images and video and the offline editor automatically uploads them to your blog host when you hit the publish button and publish your post.

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Do you get impatient when you wait for your browser to load, for your blogging software to open after you input your username and password, for images to upload, posts to publish and more? Those issues are gone when you use an offline editor. Since everything is done on your local computer, the only time you have to wait for your internet connection to do anything is when you publish your final post (and for some reason, that's always faster than when you publish within your online blogging software). This is particularly helpful when you write multiple blogs.

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Easy to Publish Multiple Blogs

Not only is it faster to publish to multiple blogs because you don't have to log in and out of various accounts to do so, but switching from one blog to another is as easy as one click. Just select the blog (or blogs) you want to publish your post to and that's all there is to it.

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Copy and Paste Without Extra Code

With your online blogging software, if you try to copy and paste from Microsoft Word or another program, your blogging software most likely adds in extra, useless code that causes your post to publish with a variety of font typefaces and sizes that you have to clean up. That problem is eliminated with an offline blog editor. You can copy and paste without carrying any extra code.

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