How to Conjugate the Irregular French '-ir' Verb 'Offir'

'Offrir' is an '-ir' verb that's conjugated like '-er' verbs

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Offrir ("to offer," "to provide," to give") is an irregular French -ir verb. Below are simple conjugations of the verb offrir; the conjugation table does not include compound tenses, which consist of a form of the auxiliary verb avoir with the past participle offert.

Within irregular -ir verb conjugations, there are some patterns. Two groups exhibit similar characteristics and conjugation patterns.

Then there is a final, large category of extremely irregular -ir verbs that follow no pattern.

'Offrir' is an Irregular '-ir-' Verb

Offrir lies in the second group of irregular -ir verbs that display a pattern. The second group of verbs includes couvrir, cueillir, découvrir, offrir, ouvrir, souffrir, and all their derivatives. These verbs, surprisingly, are all conjugated like regular -er verbs.

'Offir' Is Conjugated Like French Verbs Ending in '-frir' and '-vrir'

All French verbs that end in -frir or -vrir are conjugated this way. This includes:

  • couvrir > to cover
  • découvrir > to discover
  • ouvrir > to open
  • souffrir > to suffer
  • recouvrir > to recover 

Expressions and Usage

  • Je peux t'offrir bien davantage. > I can offer you much more than that.
  • Nous devons leur offrir pareille possibilité. > We need to provide them with the same opportunity.
  • J'allais vous offrir cette maison. > I was going to give you this house.
  • Je vais lui offrir du thé. > I'm going to give him some tea.
  • Mais vous devez offrir l'immunité. > But you'd have to offer us immunity.
  • J'aimerais offrir une perspective différente. > I'd like to offer a different perspective.
  • J'aimerais que nous puissions offrir plus. > I wish we were in a better position to offer more.
  • J'aimerais lui offrir ma collection de coquillages. > I'd like to give her my shell collection.
  • offrir quelque chose en cadeau à quelqu'un > to give somebody something as a present
  • s'offrir [pronominal reflexive] > to offer / to give oneself [sexually] OR to offer one's services
  • s'offrir à payer les dégâts > to offer to pay for the damage
  • s'offrir [pronominal reciprocal] > to give or buy each other
  • un seul moyen s'offrait à moi [pronominal intransitive] > only one course of action was open / presented itself to me
  • un panorama exceptionnel s'offre au regard > an amazing view meets the eyes
  • s'offrir de quelque chose [pronominal transitive] > to treat oneself to something


Simple Conjugations of the Irregular French '-ir' Verb Offrir

 Present Future Imperfect Present participle
iloffreoffriraoffraitPassé composé
nousoffronsoffrironsoffrions   Auxiliary verb avoir
vousoffrezoffrirezoffriez   Past participleoffert
 Subjunctive Conditional Passé simple Imperfect subjunctive
(nous) offrons