Old Hag Experiences - True Stories

These are true stories from people who have experiences the "Old Hag Syndrome", the experience of waking to find that they are paralyzed -- and other weird phenomena.
Strange visions and weird dreams haunt this girl. More »
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Beating the Old Hag

A stranger gives advice on how to defeat the old hag.
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Fighting the Old Hag

"A huge black "mist" suddenly appeared in my room which seemed to take up about half of the room...."
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Incubus of Fire

"I sat up instantly from the pressure being released and there he was – a dark figure in three dimensional form, without any defining characteristics, except for a fire that was visible and pulsating through his body."

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Man on Fire

"She glanced inside one of the bedrooms and saw the image of a man, she described as a religious figure, hanging from one of the rafters with his body on fire."

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Night Attack

"I couldn't breathe and he held me down firmly, his hands were so cold and strong. When I tried to move backward, he held me down with his other hand. There were no words for how scared I was...."

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Old Hag Attack

"I tried really hard to move and call for my mom and when I finally could move, I got up really fast and saw a shadow figure that looked like a male kneeling on one knee next to my bed...."

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The "Old Hag's" Breath

"Then I felt my body being pushed down into the mattress with a lot of force. I couldn't breathe or talk. I tried to yell for my roommate for help, but I could only manage a muffled, barely audible pathetic attempt at a scream...."

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Old Hag Encounter

"A huge and deadly weight seemed to crush my chest, making it impossible for me to expand my lungs in order to draw breath. But all-pervading was that overwhelming sense of menace and evil..."

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Old Hag Experience

"I was shocked to find myself in such a situation and began to feel panic when I was awake enough to realize what I was actually experiencing, and to discover it was no dream..."

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Old Hag's Sour Breath

"I was filled with a sense of helplessness and I could sense it moving closer and closer as I tried to move, scream, anything. It felt as if I was tied down...."

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Old Hag Terror

"I woke up in a cold sweat, staring at the ceiling. All of a sudden, I heard the sound of something running on the floor outside of my room. It was a loud clatter that sounded like a horse galloping!"

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Old Hag Will Not Be Denied

"I could not feel my arms my legs or use peripheral vision. Then all the oxygen was sucked out of me...."
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Succubus Story

"I was moving through a densely wooded forest. I heard a voice of an older woman in a clearing that was ahead of me. As I neared the edge of the forest, I saw an almost hag-like woman with two semi-nude male adolescents in the clearing..."

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Whispering Old Hag

"I tried to run out of my room, but I couldn't. I felt my hands, chest and legs being held down or pressed down to my bed. I wanted to scream to my mom, who was just three rooms away so she could come and scare off this being, but no words would come out..."

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Wife Saw the Old Hag

"Then one night I was having an attack, and I heard my wife coming up the stairs after I had finally scream, she opened the door, and she screamed, 'What the #uck is that on you!'"