Oliver Evans

High-pressure steam engine, Oruktor Amphibolis, mill & textile equipment

Oliver Evans
Oliver Evans. Mary Bellis

Oliver Evans was born in Newport, Delaware on September 13, 1755. At sixteen years old, he was apprenticed to a wheelwright, however, within two years Oliver Evans began his inventing of a new high-pressure steam engine. Oliver Evans pioneered the high-pressure steam engine.

Evans also invented textile industries tools and milling equipment. In 1782, Oliver Evans built the first automatic mill on Red Clay Creek, Delaware.

In 1789, the first U.S. patent for a steam-powered land vehicle (Oruktor Amphibolis) was granted to Oliver Evans.

Steam Powered Cars - Oliver Evans
The history of early steam powered automobiles built by Oliver Evans. The Oruktor Amphibolos, or Amphibious Digger, which came out of Oliver Evans shop in 1804, was a steam-driven machine made for the Philadelphia Board of Health for dredging and cleaning the docks of the city. It was designed, as its name suggests, for service either in water or on land.

Oliver Evans - Patent Fight
In 1804, Oliver Evans petitioned Congress for an extension of the patent for his flour-milling machinery, which was about to expire. Oliver Evans had to that date derived little profit from this important invention, but every year more and more millers were using it and Oliver Evans received royalties from them.

Oliver Evans
Oliver Evans, one of America's pioneering inventors, created the high-pressure steam engine and advanced the milling industry by automating flour mills.

Oliver Evans - Biography
Oliver Evans' life was fraught with soul-chewing combat over patent rights and other business dealings.
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