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My name is Olle Linge (凌雲龍) and I'm a language learner, teacher and educator from Sweden. I'm the founder of Hacking Chinese, a popular website that offers hundreds of articles about how to learn Chinese successfully as an adult. Over at Hacking Chinese Resources, I curate a collection of indispensable resources for learning Chinese, all carefully sorted and organised for maximum ease of access.Apart from Chinese, I also take an interest in broad variety of other things, including writing (articles, fiction, games), sports (gymnastics, unicycling, diving) and games (role-playing, board games, Rubik’s cube). If you want to know more about me, feel free to visit my personal website.


I have a broad range of experiences from learning Chinese in many different situations, including as a foreign language in Sweden and in complete immersion in Taiwan. I have also taught Chinese, both normal high school and university courses, as well as individual tutoring and language coaching. Most importantly, I have written hundreds of articles about learning and teaching Chinese, most of them published on Hacking Chinese.


I have studied Chinese since 2007 and am currently enrolled a master's degree programme for teaching Chinese as a second language at National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei, Taiwan. I specialise in learning strategies and pronunciation pedagogy. I also have degree in teaching Chinese and English as a second language in Swedish upper secondary school. For a more details about my educational background, please check my LinkedIn profile.

Olle Linge

I have a no-nonsense approach to learning Chinese and I understand that learning Chinese as an adult foreigner is very different from learning it as a child. I have learnt Chinese to an advanced level as an adult and I think I have a unique combination of personal experience, analytic thinking and professional training to help you do so as well. The success of Hacking Chinese shows that this is badly lacking in Chinese education for adult foreigners today. I try to fill that gap.My goal here is to provide you with great content paired with useful hand-on tips for how to learn Chinese. Any and all feedback is welcome!

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