Olympic Hockey Medal Winners

All-Time Results of Men's Olympic Hockey

  • The Soviet Union did not enter a team until 1956.
  • Canada did not enter a team in 1972 or 1976.
  • NHL players did not participate in Olympic hockey until 1998.
  • * CIS is the Commonwealth of Independent States, the name taken by the old Soviet Union team in 1992, after the USSR broke up the previous year.

    See also: Olympic Women's Hockey medal results.

  • Olympic Ice Hockey: Medal Winners

    1920CanadaUnited StatesCzechoslovakia
    1924CanadaUnited StatesGreat Britain
    1932CanadaUnited StatesGermany
    1936Great BritainCanadaUnited States
    1952CanadaUnited StatesSweden
    1956Soviet UnionUnited StatesCanada
    1960United StatesCanadaSoviet Union
    1964Soviet UnionSwedenCzechoslovakia
    1968Soviet UnionCzechoslovakiaCanada
    1972Soviet UnionUnited StatesCzechoslovakia
    1976Soviet UnionCzechoslovakiaWest Germany
    1980United StatesSoviet UnionSweden
    1984Soviet UnionCzechoslovakiaSweden
    1988Soviet UnionFinlandSweden
    1998Czech RepublicRussiaFinland
    2002CanadaUnited StatesRussia
    2006SwedenFinlandCzech Republic
    2010CanadaUnited StatesFinland