One More Reason Why You Shouldn't Kill Bugs

Low Angle View Of Spiders Against Wall
Sebastian Kopp / EyeEm / Getty Images

As a bug lover, I'm always trying to convince other people to stop killing every six-legged critter that comes within ten feet. It's not just about my personal interest in insects. There are a lot of good reasons why you shouldn't kill bugs:

  • Insects were here first, by over 300 million years. Technically, we're on their turf.
  • Insects killed the dinosaurs. What if T. Rex was still wandering around here, eating small children at will?*
  • Other things eat insects, like birds and lizards and my cat.
  • If you kill a good insect, you'll wind up with more bad insects than you can possibly kill. Then you'll be sorry.
  • Some insects do essential jobs that Americans won't do, like pollinating flowers.

A gentleman from Eatontown, NJ just demonstrated a whole new reason why you shouldn't kill bugs - you might just blow yourself to kingdom come. Isias Vidal Maceda attempted a little DIY extermination in his kitchen by spraying an unnamed brand of bug killer, only to have the chemical ignite an explosion. While he did succeed in eliminating the pests, he also eliminated 80% of his apartment and 100% of his eyebrows.

* - In the interest of accurate reporting, I must admit that this particular statement might be a slight exaggeration. Not the part about insects killing the dinos, that part's true. According to Dinosaur Bob (Guide to Dinosaurs), the scuttlebutt among paleontologists today is that Tyrannosaurus Rex may have been an enormous sloth of a dino, incapable of pursuing and capturing small children.