Dinosaur Fun - A One-Stop Collection of Dinosaur Humor

Dinosaurs were big, fierce and foul-tempered--but now that they're extinct, we can make fun of them as much as we please. Here's a collection of dinosaur-themed humor, including jokes, haikus, and slideshows that will elicit Jurassic-sized giggles.

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The Best Dinosaur Jokes

What's the best way to talk to a Velociraptor? How can you tell there's an Allosaurus in your refrigerator? Here's a comprehensive collection of the funniest dinosaur jokes, guaranteed PG-rated for the kids and sharp enough to elicit guffaws from the adults.

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The 20 Best Dinosaur Memes

Dinosaurs are the perfect subject for memes--they've been dead for tens of millions of years, they can't fight back, and they can't hire a lawyer to sue you for copyright violation. Here's a slideshow of the 20 most amusing dinosaur memes, culled from all corners of the internet.

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Date Like a Dinosaur!

Like most people, you've probably wondered how to apply the evolutionary lessons of the Mesozoic Era to your nonexistent love life. Whether you want to impress your online date, or simply spice up your dull marriage, you simply must check out these 10 Jurassic Dating Tips.

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10 Reasons Dinosaurs Make Bad Pets

Did you know that dinosaur pet-sitters can be hard to find, and that most cities have very strict dinosaur leash laws? Or that most parents would prefer that their kids not get eating during play dates? Here's a list of the 10 reasons dinosaurs make bad pets.

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10 Reasons Dinosaurs Make Good Pets

Did you know that owning a pet dinosaur will make you more attractive to the opposite sex? Or that purebred dinosaurs can earn their weight in Hollywood cash? Forget about adopting that cat or puppy from your local ASPCA, because here are 10 reasons dinosaurs make good pets.

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What Does Your Favorite Dinosaur Say About You?

H. Kyoht Luterman

T. Rex fanatics tend to have very different personalities than Iguanodon lovers, while Archaeopteryx enthusiasts are strictly for the birds--and we won't even get into what it means if you sleep at night with a stuffed Brachiosaurus. Here's what your favorite dinosaur says about you.

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A Collection of Dinosaur Haiku

"Man orders a meal/supersized Supersaurus/much indigestion." There's something about the multisyllabic names of dinosaurs that makes them ripe for a good poem--as you can tell for yourself by perusing this collection of dinosaur haiku (some entries even contributed by readers!)

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The Best Dinosaur Movie Tag Lines

"Alive! After 70 Million Years! Roaring! Walking! Destroying!" "Invulnerable...Untouchable...the Biggest Thing Since Creation!" Publicists don't lack for imagination when promoting dinosaur movies, as evidenced by these great dinosaur movie tag lines.

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How to Cook a Dinosaur in 10 Easy Steps

Is the dinosaur's head on the turkey's butt? Who am I, Julia Child?.

Rather than cook the same, old, boring turkey this Thanksgiving, Christmas or Labor Day, why not set your sights a little higher and serve your guests a real, once-living-and-breathing dinosaur? Here are 10 easy steps for a holiday dinner your family will never forget.

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The Hot New Dinosaur Hairstyles

Cryolophosaurus, the "cold-crested lizard" (Alain Beneteau).

Granted, if you're reading this list, you really, really like dinosaurs--but have you ever wanted to look like a dinosaur as well? Just flash your hairstylist these 10 impressive dinosaur 'do's and tell her to get clipping, dyeing, extending and perming!

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10 Things Megalodon Could Swallow Whole

The Discovery Channel has made a cottage industry of propounding lies about Megalodon, the biggest prehistoric shark that ever lived. In honor of your favorite fictional "non-fiction" television channel, here's a completely made-up slideshow of 10 Things Megalodon Could Swallow Whole.

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How to Dinosaur-Proof Your Home

Dinosaur security begins at home--and unlocked doors, ill-fitting windows, and timid dogs can mean the difference between making it through another day safe and sound and being eaten by a hungry Tarbosaurus. Here are 10 must-read tips on how to dinosaur-proof your home.

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