15 Online Classes You Can Try for Free

Online Class Demos from Colleges, Universities, and B-Schools

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Sampling Online Classes

If you are interested in taking online classes, but hesitate because you don't know what they are like, you may want to consider taking some of the online class demos offered through the following colleges, universities, and business schools.

Sampling online classes can help you learn more about the school's approach and gain an understanding of what an online class environment might be like.

Not every school uses the same platform to teach and engage learners. Understanding how your school of choice works before you enroll can increase your chances of academic success. These demos can also help you determine if online education is right for you.

Free Online Class Demos

These free online class demos let you explore online class environments and content management systems so you can determine what the education experience is like at each college.

  • Minnesota School of Business Online Class Demo - This business school uses Blackboard(TM) to host online courses.
  • Western International University Online Class Demo - WIU offers an interactive demo so that students can learn what to expect from the school's online classes.
  • Edinburgh Business School Online Class Demo - This respected business school offers a demo version of its course website to provide an overview of the school's facilities. The demo is available in multiple languages.
  • South University Online Class Demo - Students who want to learn more about online classes and the daily life of an online student can request a free class demo from South University.
  • IE Business School - Students who want to learn more about the online learning environment utilized in IE's Global MBA program can request a personal demo.
  • Wayne State University Online Class Demo - Like the Minnesota School of Business, Wayne State uses Blackboard(TM) for its online MBA classes. Prospective students can demo an online accounting class, an online marketing class and an online information systems class.
  • University of Florida Online Class Demo - The UF MBA program provides an online demo to show students how the school's interactive learning experience works.
  • North Park University Online Class Demo - North Park University also uses the popular Blackboard(TM) system for its online business classes.
  • College of Southern Maryland Online Class Demo - This college offers an online class demo as well as tutorials that teach students how to use many of the tools found in online courses.
  • Golden Gate University Online Class Demo - The Cyber Campus of Golden Gate University provides two demo courses for students. The first teaches students about learning strategies and the basic structure of online classes. The second offers instruction in research skills.


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