A List of Online Code Repositories and Pastebins

Useful places to hold snippets of code for free

A code repository is an archive where portions of source code are stored. They are often publically available and used by open source software developers and other projects with co-developers.

A pastebin is a similar online repository that allows its users to upload snippets of text, usually samples of source code, for public viewing, sharing and, in some cases, editing.

Below is a list of useful online free code repositories and pastebins.

A pastebin is an online code repository, i.e a web application.

Totally Free

  • Snipplr.com: Nice, simple-to-use repository with a large selection of languages. It even has both iPhone and Objective-C.
  • Pastebin.com: The original I guess since 2002, it includes public and private sharing for a very large range of programming languages. There's even an API.
  • Snipt.net: Login with OpenID and search for public snippets. No language search or stats.
  • CodePad.org: More about running code online, but it also lets you see recent pastes. It includes C, C++ and D among others.
  • Ideone: Another pastebin with a built in compiler with more than 40 languages, it also includes an API.
  • Gist.github.com: Part of GitHub, which is a very popular open source repository. Gist is a simple way to share snippets and pastes with others. All gists are git repositories, so they are automatically versioned, forkable and usable as a git repository.
  • Dpaste.com: A very simple Pastebin.
  • Dpaste.org: Another simple Pastebin based on dpaste.com but slightly enhanced and open sourced.
  • CodeTidy: A simple pastebin with no apparent search functions.
  • Csharp.io: A snippet website with built in Intellisense in tooltips.

Online C++ Compilers

  • Rise4Fun:  From Microsoft Research for Microsoft Visual C++.
  • Coliru: An online compiler with an API.

Online Compilation

  • Compilr: Now part of Lynda.com, the site offers coding tutorials, online editing and compiling tools, and other features. It requires a paid Lynda.com account.

Specialist PasteBin

  • MUDBYTES: A repository focusing on code for multi-user dungeons (MUDs).