Improve Your Culinary Skills With These Free Online Cooking Classes

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Online cooking classes can help turn you into an experienced home chef. Whether you want to learn the basics of boiling water or whip up a gourmet soufflé, these free cooking courses guide you step by step.

Canadian Living Cooking Class

Experienced food editors from Canadian Living magazine team up to offer no-fail recipes in a daily series. You can also find topics ranging from Q&As with famous chefs and making your own spices to surprising things to do with parmesan rinds.

BHG Food Videos

Better Homes and Gardens relies on decades-long experience in its test kitchen to serve up tips for cooking like a pro. Time and temperature charts are available, as are instructions for testing doneness in case the clock gets away from you. A substitutions and equivalents guide allows you to improvise, and online cooking lessons offer instructions for high-altitude cooking. Watch their how-to videos for mastering basic to complex kitchen skills.

CNN Cooking 101

From CNN Interactive, in partnership with Food Central, you can take cooking classes from professional chefs at regionally renowned eateries. You can also search their boards for answers to difficult questions or help with confusing techniques.

Delia’s Online Cookery School

Delia Online presents a five-term cooking class: Perfect Cakes; Perfect Eggs; Pastry, Flour-Based Sauces and Batters; Bread for Beginners; and Perfect Rice and Pasta.

Delia's 60+ step-by-step techniques, each one illustrated with color photographs, will make you wonder why you ever found cooking hard.

The Culinary Cook

The Culinary Cook offers thorough explanations of cooking basics and resources that every chef needs. The site also encourages community among its members and sharing of a variety of styles and regional cuisines.

The Culinary Cook provides professional information and expertise on a wide variety of subjects. This site is run by industry professionals with decades of experience.

Food Network Cooking Demos

At the Food Network site, you can find cooking demonstrations from their extensive archive of original series and full episode videos. Food Network also presents recipes and other information from top chefs, in addition to their Essential How-Tos from the Food Network Cooking School.

Stella Culinary With Chef Jacob

The main focus at Stella Culinary is providing content on cooking techniques and food science through podcasts and instructional videos. Each episode of the Stella Culinary School podcast is supplemented with technique videos in the show’s notes. Two other podcast series featuring a variety of food topics means that Stella Culinary boasts an extensive video library for basic and advanced cooking techniques.

BBC Food Techniques

From the British Broadcasting Corporation comes BBC Food Techniques, free kitchen training conducted via easy, intermediate and advanced videos, each of which comes with explanatory text.  The BBC Food site also has extensive links to chefs, recipes, ingredients and cooking techniques.

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