Free Online Cooking Classes

Videos and step-by-step lessons make cooking easy. Betsie Van de Meer / Iconica / Getty Images

Online cooking classes can help turn you into an experienced home chef. Whether you want to learn the basics of boiling water or desire to whip up a gourmet soufflé, these free cooking courses will guide you step-by-step.

Arizona Central Cooking 101 – “Welcome to Cooking 101, our week-by-week learn-to-cook series. If you keep up with us, by Memorial Day, you'll be sautéing and stir-frying and maybe even making pie crust.

Or not. You get to decide what parts you want to learn.”

BHG Food Videos – “Your step-by-step guides to cooking.”

Bon Appetit – “Not a culinary school graduate? Don't let that stop you from making a fabulous soufflé or delightful gnocchi. Every month, Bon Appétit's illustrated Cooking Class takes you step-by-step through one of our more challenging recipes, from the secrets of making perfect gravy to impressing your friends with a fancy three-tiered wedding cake.”

Canadian Living Cooking Class – “Our image-based online cooking classes come from the magazine's step-by-step recipes. The videoclip classes come from the popular television series Canadian Living Cooks. Canadian Living food editor Elizabeth Baird, along with Daphna Rabinovitch and Emily Richards, are the fun-loving hosts of the show. They are experienced cooking teachers who are passionate about food.”

CNN Cooking 101 – “Are you clueless in the kitchen?

These step by step instructions with pictures will hold your hand on the way to chefhood.”

Delia’s Online Cookery School – “Just about everyone has one area of cookery they are less than confident about, so if you worry that your custard is always lumpy, or that your cakes sink, or roast potatoes turn out rubbery, this is the place to put it right.

Follow Delia's 60+ step-by-step techniques, each one illustrated with color photographs, and you'll wonder why you ever found anything difficult!”

Eat Turkey Cooking Demonstrations – “Welcome to's Chef Cooking Demonstration page. Here you will find interactive discussions and cooking demonstrations by chefs across the country.”

Food Network Cooking Demos – “Learn essential techniques by watching our videos.”

Ladies’ Home Journal Cooking School – “Learn cooking techniques for preparing delicious meals and snacks, whether you're a beginner or an experienced cook.”