Online Degree Programs Offering Open Enrollment

Want to skip the application essays, recommendation letters, and grade evaluations required by most online degree programs? Choose a school with an open admissions policy. The following online degree programs offer open enrollment to all students with English language proficiency and a high school diploma or GED. All of these undergraduate online degree programs are regionally accredited – the most widely accepted form of accreditation in the United States.

Ashford University

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Ashford’s generous credit transfer policy makes it possible for students with substantial previous college experience to graduate in a year or two.

Students at AIU focus on just one or two online courses for each five-week session. They also have access to online learning labs and individual virtual tutoring. More »

Bellevue University

Undergraduates at Bellevue can earn an accelerated degree by studying alongside an online cohort of their peers.

Capella University Online

With over 20,000 students enrolled and over 100 online degree programs to choose from, Capella University is one of the largest for-profit alternative learning colleges in the nation.

Everest University Online

At Everest University Online, students focus on developing real-world skills during mini-terms.

DeVry University Online

A popular yet controversial college, DeVry offers courses taught by industry professionals to help students improve their employment prospects.

Kaplan University Online

As one of the largest virtual colleges, Kaplan University Online is able to offer such services as library book delivery to student homes.

With no set class times, Northcentral students work with a mentor to complete coursework according to their own schedules. More »

University of Phoenix

At the largest private institution of higher education, students are encouraged to stay employed while taking online courses.

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