Free Online French Classes

Free online French classes can help anyone learn the basics of the language. Whether you're planning an overseas trip or want to brush up on your language skills from college, this list of free online French classes can get you started speaking like a pro.

The French Tutorial

This free online French class offers thirteen lesson chapters and over 200 audio files to help beginning speakers. Study language basics, vocabulary, and conjugation. (Choose the Standard Edition to learn without paying).

The French Course

This simple online French class provides 9 lessons on the basics of written French. After completing the course, you should be able to understand the essentials of the language as well and write a letter in elementary French.

WordPROF French

This site can help you learn hundreds of French vocabulary words. Or, study the language with their interactive "scenes" - drawings that help you master the language visually.

BBC French Classes

The free online language classes from the BBC are top notch. Check out their French section to learn the language interactively, with audio and slideshow components. They also offer an introductory video, a beginners class, and an intermediate class.


Duolingo is one of the most popular at-home language resources, thanks to its detailed lessons and learn-by-doing style. A free account lets you "enroll" in an ongoing tree of French lessons, covering everything from basic vocab to advanced grammar.

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