Helpful Online Resources for learning German

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To a lot of people, German sounds a bit weird. It doesn’t have the verve of French, the fluidity of English or the melody of Italian. And when one actually engages in learning the language, it turns out to be quite complex. Starting with its interesting ability to form words that never seem to end. But the real depths of the German language lie in the grammar. Even though there are more complicated languages and most Germans themselves do not necessarily use it correctly, there is no way around it should you want to master the language. To give you a head start, here are some helpful online sources for German grammar. 

The “Deutsche Welle” (DW) is the German state international radio. It broadcasts worldwide in roughly 30 languages, offers a TV-program as well as a website. But, and this is where it gets interesting, it also provides educational programs, such as online language courses. As the whole DW is state-funded, it is able to offer this service free of charge.

Tom’s Deutschseite: This page has a funny background. It was created by a guy called Tom (obviously), who originally set it up for his non-German girlfriend to support her. 

Canoonet: This compilation of grammar-resources is provided by the Swiss IT-company Canoo. Even though the website looks rather outdated, it can prove to be a good help to learn some more about German grammar. The information was compiled and authored by a professional linguist. 

German Grammar supplies a large extent of examples and exercises. The site is run by a Berlin-based company, offering numerous services online. To be honest, to profit from the page, one has to look past its very old-fashioned exterior. One might say that the site tries to match the German language in its alleged drought. But the sheer information could be a goldmine. 

Learning Grammar with LingoliaA much more modern looking platform for learning German grammar is provided by Lingolia. Besides German, the website also offers resources for learning English, French and Spanish and can further be viewed in Italian and Russian. The site is very well structured in a practical tile-design and easy to use. Lingolia also provides an app for smartphones, so that you can even check your grammar on the go. 

Materials by Irmgard Graf-GutfreundOn her privately owned website, Austrian teacher Irmgard Graf-Gutfreund has compiled a large collection of materials to support German classes. Among other employers, she used to work for the Goethe Institute. On top of the huge grammar section, one can find materials to all areas of studying German. Note that the page is in German and though the language is quite simple, you should already know some basics. 

Deutsch Für Euch – Youtube Channel: The “Deutsch Für Euch (German For You)” Youtube Channel comprises a long list of video tutorials, including many clips that elaborate on German Grammar. The channel’s host, Katja, uses a lot of graphics to supply visual support for her explanations. 

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