Free Online HTML Classes

Whether you want to practice your programming skills or create a simple website, these free online HTML classes can help. Learn this widely-used language by following tutorials, subscribing to an email series, or completing interactive lessons. There's a free online HTML class for every learning style. XHTML 101

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This free online HTML class is offered in a series of 11 emails. Read the basics of HTML / XHTML, complete the homework, and receive feedback on your assignments in the site forum. Learners who successfully finish the course will receive a printable certificate.
You won't want to miss this massive collection of high-quality HTML tutorials. The site offers a complete introduction to the topic as well as more advanced lessons on HTML color values, style sheets, and attribute tags. Learners are given access to quizzes, interactive exercises, and an impressive reference library. More »
Check out this free online HTML course for dozens of lessons on common tags, images, fonts and more. If you don't mind wading through advertisements, you'll find a lot of useful content and HTML examples. More »

WebTech University HTML 101

If you're looking for student / teacher interaction, this free online HTML class is a smart choice. Register in advance for a 5-lesson session with an expert instructor. Students turn in homework after each lesson and complete a final quiz to earn a certificate. Classes begin on the 1st and 15th of each month.
This collection of 15 text-based lessons are designed to help you create a simple website in about an hour. The lesson series starts at the very beginning (i.e. the definition of a "browser") and helps learners with no prior experience feel comfortable with HTML tags. More »
Whether you're a kid or just young at heart, the 12 lessons on this ad-free site can help you master the basics of HTML. The instructions are simple, the format is clean, and the content isn't watered-down. Follow the step-by-step directions to create a website by lesson four. More »
The free HTML tutorials on this site offer detailed instructions on writing solid code. Follow the HTML primer for lessons on proper HTML format, tags, images, and links. Additional materials focus on HTML in MySpace, forms, colors, and CSS style sheets. More »

Writing HTML

Originally designed for teachers, this free online HTML course offers everything you need to put together a basic webpage using the text editor found on your computer. If you'd prefer to learn off-line, the lessons are available to download or print.
If you're trying to remember a line of code, these tutorials are a smart place to start. Take their introductory lesson, then use their tag and attribute lists to help you write anything in HTML. The "HTML Quick List" offers all of the most popular tags on one page. More »
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