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Take a few of these free online Italian classes and you'll be prepared to watch foreign films or confidently order a gelato on your next trip to Florence. The free online Italian classes listed in this directory can help any type of learner. Whether you prefer to study through reading, listening to audio recordings, or watching videos, you'll find something that suits your style.

Learn Italian: A Course for English Speakers

This free online Italian class provides dozens of grammar examples and exercises. Their fill-in-the-blank exercises offer instant solutions to help you check your answers (and re-try when you get too many wrong).

The Italian Electronic Classroom

Use this free online Italian class to learn the language while having fun. In addition to their simple tutorials, they provide learning games such as crossword puzzles and hangman. You can even practice your new knowledge with an Italian speaking pen pal (or Skype pal).

Learn Italian Podcast

Use this site to listen to Italian lessons in audio podcast format. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons can be downloaded to your computer or loaded onto an MP3 player for on-the-go learning. Learn from lessons that can help you actually make the most of your time in Italy: "Renting a Fiat  500," "Skiing in Corina," "Talking on the Phone," and more.

Busuu - Learn Italian Online

Busuu is all about interactivity. Their simple free online Italian course will walk you through the basics without overwhelming. Listen to audio clips and respond. Then, when you're ready, branch out to chat with Italian speakers around the globe.

Introduction to Italian Opera

Ready for a bit of culture? Take this free course from Dartmouth to learn the essentials of listening to, critiquing, and enjoying the classics of Italian opera.

Duolingo Italian

Duolingo's Italian lessons build on one another like a "real" Italian class. Start out with basic lessons on spelling and vocab, then build up to more complex concepts, using a mix of text-based and audio lessons.

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