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Today, there are more resources available for economics students than ever before. This new knowledge-rich environment has opened the possibility for enriched learning and has made research more easily and readily accessible to the average economics student. Whether you are seeking to supplement your university studies, dig deeper into your economic research for a project, or drive your self-study of economics, we have compiled a series of excellent economics resources and assembled them into a comprehensive online macroeconomics textbook.

Introduction to the Online Macroeconomics Textbook

This online macroeconomics textbook is presented as a set of links to various resources and articles on key macroeconomics topics that are perfect for the economics beginner, undergraduate student, or someone just trying to brush up on the basic macroeconomics concepts. These resources present much of the same information as the classic hardcover textbooks listed on university course syllabi, but in an easily accessible format that encourages fluid navigation. Also like those expensive economics textbooks that undergo revisions and updates as they are published in subsequent editions, our online macroeconomics textbook resources are always being updated with the latest and most useful information -- some of which is driven by readers like you! 

While every undergraduate-level macroeconomics textbook covers the same core material within its many pages, each does so in a different order depending on the publisher and how the authors choose to present the information. The order we have chosen to present our macroeconomics resources is adapted from Parkin and Bade's quintessential text, Economics.

Complete Online Macroeconomics Textbook

CHAPTER 1: What is Macroeconomics?

Compilation of articles that strive to answer this seemingly simple question, "what is economics?"

CHAPTER 2: Unemployment

An examination of the macroeconomics issues surrounding unemployment including, but not limited to, productivity and income growth, supply and demand of labor, and wages.

CHAPTER 3: Inflation and Deflation

A look at the basic macroeconomics concepts of inflation and deflation, including examinations of price levels, demand-pull inflation, stagflation, and the Phillips curve.

CHAPTER 4: Gross Domestic Product

Learn about the concept of gross domestic product or GDP, what it measures, and how it is calculated.

CHAPTER 5: The Business Cycle

Discover one of the keys to understanding how periodic but irregular fluctuations in the economy, what they are, what they mean, and what economic indicators are involved.

CHAPTER 6: Aggregate Demand & Supply

Supply and demand at the macroeconomic level. Learn about aggregate supply and demand and how it influence economic relationships.

CHAPTER 7: Consumption & Saving

Learn to analyze the economic behaviors of consumption versus saving.

CHAPTER 8: Fiscal Policy

Discover the policies and actions of the United States government that influence the American economy.

CHAPTER 9: Money & Interest Rates

Money makes the world, or rather, the economic go 'round. Explore the various money-related economic factors that drive the economy.

Be sure to check out this chapter's subsections for a deeper exploration:
- Money
- Banks
- Demand For Money
- Interest Rates

CHAPTER 10: Monetary Policy

Like federal fiscal policy, the United States's government also directs monetary policy that impacts the economy. 

CHAPTER 11: Wages & Unemployment

Looking deeper into the drivers of wages and unemployment, be sure to check out the subsections of this chapter for further discussion:
- Productivity & Income Growth
- Demand & Supply of Labor
- Wages & Employment
- Unemployment

CHAPTER 12: Inflation

Looking deeper into the drivers of inflation, be sure to check out the subsections of this chapter for further discussion:
- Inflation & Price Level
- Demand-Pull Inflation
- Stagflation
- Phillips Curve

CHAPTER 13: Recessions & Depressions

The phases of the business cycle are exaggerated with the occurrence of recessions and depressions. Learn about these deep falls in the economy.

CHAPTER 14: Government Deficit & Debt

Discover the impact government debt and deficit spending has on the economy.

CHAPTER 15: International Trade

In today's global economy, globalization and international trade along with its concerns regarding tariffs, sanctions, and exchanges rates are consistently among the most debated issues.

CHAPTER 16: Balance of Payments

Explore the balance of payments and the role it plays in the international economy.

CHAPTER 17: Exchange Rates

Exchange rates are ever more important to an economy's health as international trade continues to be a great influence on domestic economies.

CHAPTER 18: Economic Development

Beyond the borders of the United States, explore the economic issues faced by developing countries and the third world.

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