Free Online Math Classes

Free online math classes can help you master the basics without struggling alone through complicated textbooks or pay for a tutor. Check out this collection of the best free online math classes to learn how to solve just about any problem.

Purple Math

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With the simple explanations found in these free online math classes, mastering algebra is easy. Each topic has practice problems that show step-by-step solutions.

Math Mate

Hundreds of mathematical problems are solved in these step-by-step free online math classes. With an in-depth list of topics, the solution to almost any question can be found in just a few clicks.

Math TV

Take a look at this site for hundreds of short video classes. You can even search the site to find an instructor that works with your learning style. Spanish translation is also available.

Math Videos Online

Using real life situations and application of mathematical equations, these free online math classes show how useful math really is. The instructor takes her time, carefully explaining each step of a problem.


BrightStorm offers free online math classes from certified teachers. Each lesson is drawn on a white board to help viewers visualize the math. There's also a useful calculator below the video lesson. These classes are geared towards higher math subjects for high school students, starting with Algebra and Geometry and going up to Calculus.

Pass Math Class

These simple, quick math lessons teach the basics of Algebra and beyond. The free online math class also explains the symbols behind Algebra with useful terminology sections.

Math and Money

Whether you’re reviewing the basics or learning the fundamentals, these free online math classes can help you figure out how to deal with money.

SOS Math

SOSMath has two thousand pages of mathematical explanations and examples. This free online math class covers more advanced subjects including Trigonometry and Matrix Algebra.


Geared at early to mid-level high school math courses, MathPlanet includes step-by-step guides to central math concepts and subjects. The "easiest" subject offered is Pre-Algebra, and the classes go up through Algebra 2 and Geometry. The site also includes practice tests for the math sections of the SAT and ACT.

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