Online Microeconomics Textbook

Online Microeconomics Textbook

This Online Microeconomics Textbook is a set of links to resources on various Microeconomics topics. As with most online microeconomics resources this is very much a work in progress, so if there is something you'd like to see covered in more depth please contact me by using the feedback form.

Each Microeconomics textbook covers the core material in a different order. The order here is adapted from Parkin and Bade's text Economics but it should be fairly close to those in other Microeconomics texts.

Online Microeconomics Textbook

CHAPTER 1:What is Economics?

CHAPTER 2: Production and Trade
- Production Possibility Frontier
- Gains From Trade and International Trade

CHAPTER 3: Economic Growth

CHAPTER 4: Opportunity Cost

CHAPTER 5: Demand and Supply
- Demand
- Supply

CHAPTER 6: Elasticity
- Elasticity of Demand
- Elasticity of Supply

CHAPTER 7: Markets
- Labor Markets and Minimum Wage
- Taxes
- Markets for Prohibited Goods

CHAPTER 8: Utility

CHAPTER 9: Indifference Curves

CHAPTER 10: Budget Lines

CHAPTER 11: Costs, Scale, and Timing
- Short Run vs. Long Run
- Total, Average, and Marginal Costs
- Economies of Scale

CHAPTER 12: Market Structure

CHAPTER 13: Perfect Competition

CHAPTER 14: Monopoly

CHAPTER 15: Monopolistic Competition

CHAPTER 16: Oligopoly and Duopoly

CHAPTER 17: Factors of Production
- Demand and Supply For Factors
- Labor
- Capital
- Land

CHAPTER 18: Labor Markets

CHAPTER 19: Capital and Natural Resource Markets
- Capital
- Interest Rates
- Natural Resource Markets

CHAPTER 20: Uncertainty and Information
- Uncertainty
- Insurance
- Information
- Risk

CHAPTER 21: Distribution of Income and Wealth

CHAPTER 22: Market Failure
- Government Spending
- Public Goods
- Externalities
- Collective Action Problems

If there are other topics you'd like to see covered in the Online Microeconomics Textbook please contact me by using the feedback form.

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