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How To Keep Current and Improve Your Spanish

se venden diarios
Se venden diarios en Madrid. (Newspapers for sale in Madrid.).

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As recently as 2000, nearly all the breaking news available on the Internet was in English. The few daily online news publications in Spanish were devoted primarily to local concerns of little interest to an international audience.

Finding Spanish News Publications Online

But, as with much of the Internet, the situation has changed rapidly. These days, the choice is almost limitless. I have found that a daily reading of the day's events in Spanish is an excellent way of learning the language as it is really being used.

As would be expected, CNN en Español is the site most like the comprehensive, 24-hour English-language sites. Since most of the articles are translated from English, they are usually easier for Spanish learners to understand. A wide selection of articles is available, with an emphasis on those relating to the United States, Latin America, business and sports.

Also based in the U.S. is the Spanish-language news field is Google News España, which regularly updates its listing of Spanish-language articles every few minutes. Despite the site's name, there are plenty of news sources listed from Latin America and places other than Spain.

Another site updated around the clock, but far less flashy, is that of Agencia EFE, a news service. There's a definite business slant to the stories, most of which come from Europe. This site also has one of the few Spanish-language news tickers around.

Another U.S.-based comprehensive Spanish-language news source is El Nuevo Herald. Although affiliated with The Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald is more than a translation of the English online newspaper. Much of its content is original, and it's probably the best place to learn news of Cuba.

Comprehensive sites from the Spanish-speaking world include Argentina's Clarín and Spain's ABC. Many of the other Spanish-language newspaper sites on the Web emphasize their national news rather than attempt to provide comprehensive world coverage. But they provide a perspective that can't be found anywhere else. And if you're planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking area, it's a good way find out what's happening there before going.

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