Free Online Photography Courses

Free online photography courses can help you take exceptional snapshots.
Free online photography courses can help you take exceptional snapshots. Barbara Ferra Fotografia / Moment / Getty Images

These free online photography courses can help you adjust your lens, frame your subject, fix your lighting, and edit your photos. Whether you're looking to become a pro photographer or just want to improve your Instagram snapshots, these no-cost courses will help you develop your skills.

This site offers several free photography courses including: Photography for Beginners, Intermediate Photography, Advanced Photography, Photo Editing, Photo Composition, and Camera Settings. If you're just getting started, this is a smart place learn the basics.


Have you ever seen a picture that made you do a double-take? These free photography tutorials will help you master the tricks of the trade. Dozens of step-by-step videos help you learn to master panoramic shots, zoom bursts, smokey images, iconic sunset coloring, and more.

iPhone Photography School

Who knew that such amazing photos could come from such small phones? In these iPhone photography lessons, you'll learn quick tips and tricks to making your phone photos stand out. Discover how to edit a blurry photo, take stunning seasonal shots, give the abstract a try, and capture cityscapes.

Digital Photography School

While Digital Photography School does offer paid courses, it also provides a number of quality tutorials and step-by-step tips for free. Discover how to capture a popping bubble, choose a shooting mode, understand your DSLR histogram, or pack the perfect photography bag for travel. You can also take part on weekly photography challenges, encouraging you to step outside your comfort zone.

Creativelive Photography

This unique collection of free "quick watch" videos and live webinars focuses on the complexities of running a photography business. Find out how to take gorgeous photos and sell them to happy clients. Past free webinar courses have included: "Wedding Photographer Survival Kit," "Studio Systems: A Photography Business Bootcamp," and "Panasonic 4k: Never Miss a Moment." (Paid courses are also offered).

Professional Family Portraits

Learn how to take sharp photos of your loved ones with this 5-session mini-course. You'll watch videos on posing, "garage-style lighting," and basic processing through both Lightroom and Photoshop. You can also download a list of suggested photography equipment and discuss your challenges in the virtual classroom.

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