Free Online Ukulele Classes

Learn How to Play With These Online Ukulele Lessons

Free online ukulele classes make playing this quirky four-stringed instrument easy. The top-reviewed free online ukulele classes in this list can help you get started or improve your skills. Typical ukulele lessons include finger-placement instructions, strumming suggestions, audio exercises, video guidance and much more.

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These free online ukulele classes include detailed written instructions and audio exercises for beginning, intermediate and advanced learners. More »

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In addition to the for-profit classes given through the Ukulele University, this site offers dozens of free online lessons. Each video lesson focuses on a single song, walking players step by step through the chords, strumming patterns, and lyrics. More »

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Take a look at this beginner-oriented site for over a dozen free online ukulele classes in topics such as chord progressions, scales, and picking techniques. More »

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Beginning ukulele players can work quickly through this free online class. The visual lessons include tips on choosing the right ukulele and memorizing basic chords. More »

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These free online ukulele lessons teach you how to incorporate music theory into your playing. Text-based and video lessons are both offered on dozens of topics. This site is particularly helpful for players looking to move beyond the typical beginner lessons. More »

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These basic free online ukulele lessons help anxious players get started without all the fuss. Take a look at the quickstart classes, including "How to Play the Ukulele in Three Minutes or Less" for a simplified way to learn. More »

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