onOne PhotoFrame 4 Professional

PhotoFrame 4 Professional
PhotoFrame 4 Professional. © onOne

The Bottom Line

onOne PhotoFrame 4 Professional is a powerful frame building plugin for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and Apple Aperture. The plugin ships with hundreds of ready to use frames that can be mixed and matched and combined with blending modes, opacity and 3D effects. Using the powerful user interface--which is similar to Photoshop's own interface--adding layered frames, borders and vignette effects to your favorite images has never been so easy.

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  • Powerful user interface works similarly to Photoshop with palettes, blend modes and opacity control.
  • Frames can be applied using several methods: new layers, layer masks or directly on the image.
  • The frame library contains hundreds of frames that can me mixed, matched and layered.
  • Has full support for image transparency.
  • Works on Windows and Mac as a plugin for Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and Aperture.


  • The search feature of the frame library relies only on the file name, which is rather limiting.
  • User interface can be confusing at first. It looks like Photoshop, but doesn't work the same way.


  • onOne Photo Frame automates the process of adding frames to your photos or art work.
  • Frames are added using a collection of easy to use palettes and an extensive frame library.
  • Multiple frames can be added to a single image for layered complex looks. The combinations are limitless!
  • In addition to frames, you can add textures and other decoration to your image.
  • Save presets from your favorite sets of frames to use later.
  • Rate frames using an easy star rating system and add frames to your favorites for quick access later.
  • Batch processing is built in, so frames can be added to dozens of images at once.
  • Comes complete with video training that is installed with the plugin and can be accessed using the Help menu.
  • Additional frames and content can be downloaded online or created from your own files.
  • A less-expensive Standard version is also available, but Pro has more content and works with Lightroom and Aperture.

Guide Review - onOne PhotoFrame 4 Professional

onOne PhotoFrame 4 Professional makes creating frame and border effects an easy and creative process. With the hundreds of included presets and dozens of settings for fine-tuning, you'll never have to settle for a plain border on your photos again--unless that's the look you're after, of course. Going beyond normal frames, the plugin can also cut decorative transparent borders for torn edge effects, which is perfect for digital scrapbooking and album layout.

After launching the plugin from the Automation menu under Photoshop’s main File menu, you’ll notice the interface looks like a familiar Photoshop interface, but it is a little different in how it works and where items are placed. For instance, instead of the blending modes being attached to the Frame Stack/Layers palette, they are mixed in with the Background palette. Also, some of the buttons and drop down lists are designed to blend in with the rest of the interface.

This doesn't work in favor of the software because buttons that can be clicked to change settings look like normal labels that wouldn't normally be clicked. Once you've found all of the clickable settings, though, it is smooth sailing. The included video training will show you all of the tricks and have you running like an expert in minutes.

Overall, digital scrapbookers, professional photographers, and digital artists alike will find this plugin to be a huge time saver. The built in batch processing can apply frames to dozens of images at once while you sit back and watch. Normally, the same process would be grueling for each image, especially for complex frames, but no more!

A free 30-day trial and video tutorials are available from the onOne website.

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