Oprah as Oracle

Evan Agostini/Getty Images.

Oprah's birth data:

Born on January 29th, 1954 at 4:30 p.m. in Kosciusko, Mississippi.

Aquarian Compassion:

Oprah's Sun is in Aquarius, the sign of the humanitarian, always open to new ideas that carry the culture forward. Her life story itself is extraordinary (and radical) -- a black woman from the rural South in America rising up to be the most powerful woman in the world (according to CNN, among others).

She radiates integrity, honesty, and her appeal is broad, transcending all labels.

Best Friend Oprah:

With Venus smack dab on her Sun in Aquarius, Oprah's unsentimental friendliness is magnified. She treats everyone she meets with the same basic respect, so we trust her to set the tone. Some get their "Oprah" fix, like a chat with a girlfriend, just one that happens to be wise and well-connected. My conservative Mom and I have a mutual friend in Oprah. "Guess who's on Oprah today!" she'll yell into the phone. When Oprah and Gayle King go on a road trip, it's as if Mom and I hop in the backseat. Oprah is common ground for us, a forum where we can talk about issues of the day, without pushing eachother's buttons.

Spontaneous Seer:

Oprah's Moon is in Sagittarius, and she thrives before a live studio audience. Her spontaneous remarks and expressions endear her to viewers. Insights get aired, and honesty comes out without a filter or apology.

Her reactions are cathartic, not just for her, but her audience as well. She's playful at times, but can also wield the torch of truth for a cause. Oprah is often "on fire" about issues, but rather than coming off as self-serving, it's part of her seeking nature. Her Sadge Moon is curious about how belief systems take shape, and her show is like a consciousness-raising group that's fun, too.

Grand Ideas:

Oprah's air grand trine between Neptune (Libra), Jupiter (Gemini) and Mercury (Aquarius), makes her at home in the world of ideas. A grand trine is a harmonized matrix of energy, all of the same element. This gives her a powerful mental capacity to wade through the information chaos in her field. She can take in lots of ideas (Jupiter), tuning into the threads of innovation (Mercury), and find ways to promote beauty and balance as a spiritual path of evolution (Neptune).

Oprah Oracle:

The Delphic Oracle of Ancient Greece would interpret events of the day, and offer visions for the future. It was always a Priestess, a wise woman with visionary sight that everyone trusted. Sometimes called "Mama Oprah," she embodies the Goddess archetype for the culture, and is a modern day oracle through her many outlets. Consider how her book club choices lift up the concepts and imaginings of an author as worthy. She's a trusted director of the public discourse, and that's one reason she's considered so powerful. She's also been a visible healing presence during times of national crisis.

Saturn's Wedge:

Oprah's got a challenging Saturn square to that Venus-Sun conjunction, in the serious sign of Scorpio.

This makes her ambitious, but also a sense that she's got to stay in control of her empire. She's got the drive to have a daytime television show, and interview each prospective student herself for the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls. Saturn's lessons here are about channeling intensity and focus, along with facing the dark, and turning it into a healing force for the community at large.

Mars in Scorpio:

Along with Saturn, Oprah has Mars in Scorpio, and this makes a square to Pluto. Mars square Pluto is a force to be reckoned with, and if repressed, can lead to explosive rage. Scorpio's realm is hidden emotional intrigue, often sexual, that threatens to overpower. Oprah carries the legacy of childhood sexual abuse, making it all the more painful for her that some of her students should suffer the same fate.

Like two criminal detectives, Oprah and Gayle are personally investigating what's happened at the school, and after the tears, there's likely to be anger...and big changes.

She's Everywoman:

Oprah's true appeal is her nonjudgmental attitude, which is why people open up to her. Aquarius is said to be soothing to nervous types, and this works in her favor when she's eye-to-eye with a guest. This and her Sadge Moon radiates a hopeful vibe for the future, something that is rare in today's media. Her air of authority gives weight to what she says, but she's willing to let her opinions evolve as new information comes in. Life isn't always easy for Oprah, with her struggles with weight such a public one -- her encouragement to "Live your best life" comes from someone striving to do just that.