Oralive Dental Regenerative Elixir

Natural Remedy for Teeth and Gums

5oz bottle of Oralive. (c) Phylameana lila Desy

After using Oralive Dental Regenerative Elixir for just one month I've become an enthusiastic fan of this herbal product. I LOVE it! My mouth LOVES it even more.

Living Toothpaste

Oralive is not specifically marketed as a toothpaste, but this is the primary purpose I am using it for. This all natural product is a nutritional supplement meant to help detoxify your body. Its taste is very unique, not unpleasant, but some people may have to acquire a taste for it.

Did you ever make mud pies as a child? Don't worry, it doesn't taste that bad. But it does have an interesting muddy texture with some mint flavoring added to make it palatable. I don't mind the "earthy" taste. And this is a good thing because Oralive is meant to be swallowed and not spat out like other toothpastes.

From the Label: When swallowed, Oralive acts as a superfood, calcium supplement, blood alkalizer, detoxifier and oxygenator.

How to Use Oralive as a Toothpaste

Scoop out approximately 1/8 teaspoon of the grayish-green Oralive paste. Take care to always use a fresh pick or clean teaspoon so as not to inadvertently introduce contaminants or saliva into the storage container. In other words, keep your fingers and toothbrush out of the jar. Using the tip end of a disposable floss pick is a handy tool for this job. Brush gums, teeth, and between teeth for one to fifteen minutes.

Note: My habit over the years is to brush my teeth for approximately 2-3 minutes, followed by tongue scraping and flossing.

I am sticking with the 2-3 minutes brushing when using Oralive. But, I now scrape my tongue prior to brushing my gums and teeth so as not to disturb this healing elixir from doing its good work inside my mouth.

If you prefer to only treat your gums with Oralive rather than actually brushing your teeth with it you could alternately massage it with your finger onto the gums before or after brushing your teeth with your regular toothpaste.

One minor complaint: I don't like the shape of the black jar that I received when ordering the 5 ounce size. As you can see in the photo it is a somewhat tall skinny jar. I'm not quite down to the half way mark but I imagine it might get tricky getting the muddy paste out from the bottom as it nears empty. The jar pictured on the Ascended Health website is wider and shorter that my jar.

Enriched with Natural Ingriedients

Oralive natural oral regenerative paste is made from the earth, oxygen, natural anti-microbiol oils, trace oils from the ocean, and ancient probiotic bacteria. There is no soap in it, so you won't experience any foam like you do with other toothpastes. Nor, does it contain any fluoride. It is also a vegan product.

If you are aware of the benefits of taking probiotics for your digestive health, think of Oralive as a probiotic supplement for your mouth cavity. Although, to be precise, Oralive contains prebiotics, not probiotics. Ben Goodwin, Ascended Health Nutritional Consultant, explained the difference between prebiotics and probiotics when I asked him if I could use Oralive as a substitute for probiotic capsule I routinely take at dinnertime. His answer was "No, the Oralive should not be used as a replacement for your daily probiotics.

The Oralive contains prebiotics but not probiotics, the difference being that prebiotics are an optimal food for probiotics but not actually living bacteria."

Ingredients as listed on the label are:

  • Natural magnetic healing earth
  • high vibrational energies
  • coral calcium
  • ground lemurian crystals
  • quartz
  • oxygen
  • ocean trace minerals
  • ancestral probiotics from volcanic microbial soil

A complete list of vitamins, plant botanicals, and anti-bacterial essential oils and their healing properties in Oralive can be found at the Ascended Health Website.

Benefits of Oralive

These are the four benefits of Oralive that are listed on the product website.

  1. Whitens teeth
  2. Inhibits bacteria that cause cavities, plaque and gingivitis
  3. Alleviates gum pain and gum bleeding
  4. Eliminates bad breath

I haven't used the product long enough to report noticing all of these benefits personally, but I'm a believer of 3 out of the 4.

Not so sure about the whitening benefit. Although, my teeth certainly feel cleaner and are perhaps a tad brighter. My tongue loves gliding over my not-so pearly whites through out the day. My teeth may not appear whiter, but they certainly feel wonderfully clean. This is a big difference from ordinary toothpastes which tend to make my teeth feel super clean for maybe an hour, and that's if I'm lucky or refrain from eating anything.

My Dental Hygienist Confirms My Gums are Healthier

My dental hygienist, who has been cleaning my teeth twice a year for thirty years, confirmed that my gums were looking healthier and plaque build up was noticeably less during my recent visit. I don't have, nor have I ever had gingivitis, so I can't speak of Oralive's effect on gum disease. I'm no expert of dental care, but in my mind healthier gums and reduced plaque would surely inhibit the growth of gingivitis. In six months I am scheduled for my annual dental check. I can't wait to see if my dentist notices the changes I'm experiencing. (I'll report back with an update to this review after my visit with the dentist.)

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