Latin Numbers

The Ordinal Numbers

Roman antic remains of Saint-Irénee district, in Lyon
Serge Mouraret/Getty Images

Ordinal numbers are ordered numbers. In English ordinals are numbers like "first", "second", "third". Here are the basic ordinal numbers in Latin with the Roman numeral corresponding to their value. The ordinal numbers are declined like first and second declension adjectives. There are some oddities to note:

  • Variable presence of "n" before "s"
  • for "21st" in the feminine, you might see una et vicesima or the contracted form unetvicesima.

    For other compounds, there is variety. You may see the larger number before the smaller with no conjoining "et" or you might see the smaller before with larger separated by the conjunction "et". Thus, you may see either vicesimus quartus (no et) or quartus et vicesimus (with et). For 28th, the Latin ordinal number is based on the idea of taking 2 from 30 or duodetricensimus, just as the duo de '2 from' precedes 20th in the ordinal number for 18th: duodevicesimus.

    • I. primus (-a, -um)
    • II. secundus, alter
    • III. tertius
    • IV. quartus
    • V. quintus
    • VI. sextus
    • VII. septimus
    • VIII. octavus
    • IX. nonus
    • X. decimus
    • XI. undecimus
    • XII. duodecimus
    • XIII. tertius decimus or decimus et tertius
    • XIV. quartus decimus or decimus et quartus
    • XV. quintus decimus or decimus et quintus
    • XVI. sextus decimus or decimus et sextus
    • XVII. septimus decimus or decimus et septimus
    • XVIII. duodevice(n)simus, also octavus decimus
    • XIX. undevice(n)simus, also nonus decimus
    • XX. vice(n)simus
    • XXI. unus et vice(n)simus, also vicesimus primus
    • XXII. alter et vice(n)simus or vicesimus secundus
    • XXX. trice(n)simus or trigesimus
    • XL. quadrage(n)simus
    • L. quinquage(n)simus
    • LX. sexage(n)simus
    • LXX. septuage(n)simus
    • LXXX. octoge(n)simus
    • XC. nonage(n)simus
    • C. cente(n)simus
    • CC. ducente(n)simus
    • CCC. trecentensimus
    • CCCC. quadringentensimus
    • D. quingentensimus
    • DC. sescentensimus
    • DCC. septingentensimus
    • DCCC. octingentensimus
    • DCCCC. nongentensimus
    • M. millensimus
    • MM. bis millensimus