Organic Functional Group Quiz

Put the FUN in Organic Functional Groups!

Take this quiz to see if you know the names of the organic functional groups based on their structures.
Take this quiz to see if you know the names of the organic functional groups based on their structures. Ivan Bliznetsov / Getty Images
1. This functional group shows up in so many alcohols it has come to be known as the alcohol group. It's really called:
Hydroxyl Functional Group. Todd Helmenstine,
2. This functional group is the general version of the previous hydroxyl group.
Ether Functional Group. Todd Helmenstine,
3. This functional group looks like it has oxygen on a pedestal.
Ketone Functional Group. Todd Helmenstine,
4. Replace the oxygen of the hydroxyl group with sulfur and you get this functional group.
Thiol Functional Group. Todd Helmenstine,
5. This functional group is derived from ammonia where one or more of the hydrogen atoms are replaced.
Amine Functional Group. Todd Helmenstine,
6. A carbon, nitrogen and an oxygen gather together. This party is known as:
Amide Functional Group. Todd Helmenstine,
7. This variation of the ketone group is called:
Aldehyde Functional Group. Todd Helmenstine,
8. This structure is sometimes known as the COOH group or:
Carboxyl Functional Group. Todd Helmenstine,
9. This functional group is found in many fats and natural oils. This group is:
Ester Functional Group. Todd Helmenstine,
10. This functional group comes with its own ring. This ringed group is called:
Phenyl Group. Todd Helmenstine,
Organic Functional Group Quiz
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I got Functional Group Go-Getter. Organic Functional Group Quiz
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A functional group is a set of atoms that act together to participate in chemical reactions. You had trouble recognizing the organic functional groups, but that's okay. You can review them and learn them easily enough! You'll want to be familiar with these groups because they will help you name compounds and predict chemical reactions and products.

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Organic Functional Group Quiz
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I got Organic Functional Group Genius. Organic Functional Group Quiz
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Great job! You're familiar with the organic functional groups. These are important sets of atoms in chemistry because they act together in chemical reactions in predictable ways. You can review the functional groups or master hydrocarbon prefixes and suffixes. If you'd like to try something more advanced, move on an learn some named organic reactions.

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