How to Organize Your Science Fair Poster

Science fair poster

 Todd Helmenstine

This is an example of how you can organize a three-panel science fair project poster to clearly display your use of the scientific method for your project. Three-panel folding poster boards are commonly available wherever school supplies are found. 

Following these steps can help you create a visually appealing science fair poster. 

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The title should be an accurate description of the project. The title is usually centered at the top of the poster.

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Try to include color photographs of your project, samples from the project, tables, and graphs

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Introduction and Purpose

Sometimes this section is called 'Background.' This section introduces the topic of the project, explains your interest in the project, and states the purpose of the project

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Hypothesis or Question

Explicitly state your hypothesis or question

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Materials and Methods

List the materials you used in your project and describe the procedure that you used to perform the project. If you have a photo or diagram of your project, this is a good place to include it

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Data and Results

Data and results are not the same things. Data refers to the actual numbers or other information you obtained in your project. Data is often presented in a table or graph. The Results section explains what the data means

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The conclusion focuses on the hypothesis or question as it compares to the data and results. What was the answer to the question? Was the hypothesis supported? What did you find out from the experiment?

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You may need to cite references or provide a bibliography for your project. Reference may be cited on the poster or printed out and placed below the poster.

Science fair project posters all tend to include the same information, but the titles of the headings and the order in which the information is presented may vary. Check with your school or the science fair guidelines to adjust this format to your project.

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