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Kindergarten Schedule (from Trish)

I'm always interested in what other homeschoolers try to fit into the day too!

We officially homeschool my 6 year old son. He is technically in Kindergarten (I would have held him back a year if he went to public school), but the work he does is more of a first grade level.

Our learning weeks run from Friday through Tuesday, as I work Wednesdays and Thursdays. I (try to) plan for each week on Tuesday or Wednesday.

I make copies of worksheets, pull out others from books, note sections to read in other books, decide on projects to do. I combine all the work for each day and paper clip it together. Sometimes, we don't get to something and I move it over to the next day's paperclip. Sometimes we miss days all together (like today). Sometimes, projects or assignments just never get done, but that's ok. We learn, and that is what is important.

Morning: Play, TV time (I know - Bad bad bad), breakfast. Sometimes we manage picking up, mostly not.

9 ish: READ EVERYDAY Start the day in our "play room". The three boys share a room so we can have a place for the enormous amount of learning things. My son likes to "warm up". We read a story. Sometimes something from the library which goes with what we study in History, Science or of special interest. (It's pirates now.) Sometimes, its a book from our shelves. I try to make this "on level reading".

He earns "Ice Cream Outing" Points for reading "on level" material.

MATH (everyday) - This takes about 45 minutes. We use Saxon 1. We DON'T do everything. We do calendar work, practice writing full name and date. Do the "lesson" in the book, some of the fact problems and one page of the two daily assignments.

We are "behind" in Math and only at lesson 40. I don't mind. We take it slow and easy and don't miss a critical point by rushing to "catch up". This "behind-ness" is more my fault than anything.

Phonics/Spelling/Writing (4 days a week) - (15 - 45 minutes) We use MCP Phonics 2nd Grade (Only because I bought the wrong version for Kindergarten! *oops*) and MCP 1st Grade Spelling. We do one side of the phonics page a day and don't do any "write a story" pages. We do spelling a few times a week. We have "tests". We haven't quite figured out how to get on a good schedule with spelling though having the tests every Tuesday for instance.

History (3 days a week) - (30 minutes to all day) We use The Story of the World (Well Trained Mind). We read a section. Answer the questions. Do map work or color pages, projects, literature etc. until we want to move on. I have found he remembers more about the things we do "memorable" projects on or he finds the story interesting.

Science (2 days a week) - We are working through the body systems. I bought a book from the Schoolbox. The reading material is way above him and I have stopped trying to read it all to him. We are just getting a "taste" of it. We read out of the children's encyclopedia, get books from the library and do some of the color/labeling pages together.

He likes doing the experiements more than anything, so we do lots of those.

Special Projects: Right now its Pirates. We do craft projects and I'm reading a few chapters a day from Treasure Island aloud. This is much more "child-led" than the other parts of our schedule. We might do "stars" next. Whatever he decideds he wants to learn about.

Nature Study: We are just starting this. We have a journal for watching anything "natural". We love to camp and hike as a family, so this will be so much fun as a family project.

Homeschool Group: Our group meets twice a month for classes and clubs. Generally, the classes and clubs are taught by member moms. Coming up, our son will take Science (matter - gas, liquid, solid) and Drama. He is also in the Flat Stanley Club (geography).

I also have a 3 and 4 year old.

I've just started doing MCP Phonics for Kindergartners the Saxon K book with them. The four year old wanted learning work like his older brother. Yes, the three year old is really too young, but I CANT seperate these two!! They are glued together. They absorb all the reading aloud from history and science, etc. Sometimes they even answer the questions from the History lessons. I do some reading just for them too. I include them in as many of the projects as I can, or make special projects for them when I have to.

There it is...more than you wanted to know probably *laugh*

~ Trish

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