Out of Body Church Experience

During a meditation, a woman had an out-of-body visitation or vision of a church service

In the spring in the 1980s, I had the most gigantic crush (at 24, for heaven's sake!) on a deacon in our Catholic church. He knew about it and we were good friends. He was still in the seminary and I lived in town not too far away.

He had to give his first sermon one evening, and I knew he was very anxious about this.

About 25 minutes before the mass was to start, I started getting butterflies, but I forgot this was the day until I thought about it. Was I picking up on his feelings?

I started to say the rosary for him for moral support. At about 10 minutes before 5, I was so into the meditation that I could "see" that something mechanical was going wrong. I could see the room he was in and people passing by the doorway. (I had been in this room before, so I did know what it looked like; I can't claim anything fancy here.) But I started looking around.

There were white or light yellow flowers on the altar. I knew that something was wrong in something mechanical. I saw him start speaking at about 5:20 and he finished up at about 5:35. Then my butterflies stopped as soon as they started.

I spoke to him about this the next time I saw him. I wish I could have had a picture of his face! He then explained what I had seen and felt.

The slide projector that he had intended to use messed up at about 4:50, but he fixed it soon enough. Then he had started his talk at about 5:20. But what really floored him was when I told him that there had been white or light yellow flowers on the altar, and he said that there had been cream-colored mums right where I said they would be.

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