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Out of Body Experiences
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Out of Body Experiences:  Altered States of Consciousness | Astral Projection | OBE Stories 

Vast numbers of individuals and clustering groups of people are seeking ways to experience out of body (OBE), never mind that several of these people seeking to be out of their bodies are actually seldom in their bodies in the first place - more than 50 percent of their energetic fields are hanging out in the ethers...

My personal experience is that for a major part of my life I had been out-of-my-body more than in it. And even now making conscious efforts to become more aware of my body and to actually be IN MY BODY continually I struggle with yanking myself back in. My spiritual nature is floaty. Grounding exercises help tremendously with maintaining a balance of our physical and spiritual bodies.

For years I thought that being out-of-body equated with being an enlightened or more spiritual being. I have since learned (urr...remembered) that I AM already a spiritual being. Being here on the planet means that I have this unique opportunity to be housed within a physical shell. Why discard or disdain the physical house? Without our bodies we wouldn't be able to enjoy the physical pleasures such as eating or sexual intimacy among many other physical sensations. After all, how could the spiritual body devour chocolate?

Out of body experiences done in a controlled fashion are safer and more fulfilling. Cherish your physical body as a place to return safely home to after the spiritual journey, not as a place to run away from.

I recall a couple of years ago sitting in the grasses among another 20-25 individuals to listen to a spiritual oriented man share his astral projection journeys.

During the Q&A period, the conversation drifted into tips and how-to's for performing astral sex with another person. If you have astral sex with someone outside of your marriage would it be considered infidelity?

Grounding exercises can help us floating spiritual beings become more connected to our physical bodies. Balance is good!

Other Names for OBE

  • Remote Viewing
  • Astral Flight
  • Astral Projection
  • Trance Channeling
  • Lucid Dreaming
  • Near Death Experience
  • Space Cadet

The whole idea of near death experiences (NDE) is intriguing to the spiritual seeker. I cannot say for sure that I've ever had one, although I have experienced sleep paralysis (also known as the Old Hag Syndrome). Experiencing sleep paralysis can be confusing or scary.

My first sleep paralysis experience went like this: I was sleeping in my bed, it was early morning. I heard a knock at the door, I attempted to get out of bed to answer it but discovered that I could not move my body. It was as if a powerful magnet was holding my body against the mattress. Soon, I heard footsteps in the house. This frightened me. Then at the foot of my bed appeared my father standing. He was talking to me, but I could not understand what he was saying. I was no longer frightened as my father was not a stranger in my home. However, I was still upset because I could barely open my eyes, could not speak, and could not get my body to respond to my brain telling me to get out of bed. My father then left. Later, when I was fully awake I telephoned my father to apologize for not being awake enough to respond to him, and to ask him what it was he wanted. He told me that he hadn't been to my home. Wow! And yet, his being there had seemed so real.

Out of Body Experiences from Our Readers

Dreamer - When I was about 5-8 years old I would dream every night that I floated down 2 flights of stairs and wake up at the bottom by my basement door. I remember being frustrated that I had to walk all the way back up every time I went to bed. Then the older I got I would have dreams then wake up and I would still see things. They dissipated as I would wake up then finally all gone. It started out as a kid thing but the older I got the more I would see weird stuff like the head of a man or a ghost. Later on I would dream about my future. I swear to everyone I had seen things I can't explain and more profoundly I've been doing a ton of research and other people have had similar experiences. I've died a few times in my dreams as well and it's just like your energy goes everywhere and you get this great feeling of peace.

I'm not worried about dying because I think I know what it's like. But I also died in real life when I was born. I was born almost 2 and a half months early. I also can sense things. ~TravisCarden1980

Other Self - One afternoon I was feeling really tired and sleepy but I didn't want to take a nap and was trying hard not to fall asleep since I was watching my kids, they were 2 and 3 years old back then. I was lying in bed and suddenly I found myself standing next to my bed and saw myself sleeping, everything looked the same in my room, my kids were playing with blocks on the floor and the tv was on. I remember looking around, wondering what was happening, I could hear my kids talking, but they didn't notice me. I still don't know what that was, but I wasn't afraid, maybe I was so worried about falling asleep and not taking care of my kids that my "other self" came and watched over them. ~nayely

Soul Pulled Out by the Devil -  I was sleeping one afternoon yesterday (catching up on sleep). Nothing different about it. Then all of a sudden it felt like my soul was being pulled out by the devil. I remember fighting the sensation of leaving my body. I fought the sensation so hard I woke up. Fast forward to today. I went to bed around the same time, and then it happens again. I tried to fight it but the force was too strong. I did a double backflip out of my body, and I could see myself. But I was no longer in my room. It was just a cloudy place and I can see a lot of women and shops. I go into one of the shops to buy a drink. Then when cashing out a pretty blonde woman grabs me from behind and I changed my mind about buying the drink. I remember feeling her eyes and her arms. Then I see another dark woman, and she too grabs and hugs me. I wish I could stay there forever. Then I woke up. ~Tan

BLACK OUT then OBE - This is the fourth time this happened to me but now I'm scared because this time I actually harmed myself. I was standing in a night club laughing having fun not drinking .

When all of sudden I remember talking to the bartender and nothing else I just blackout ...apparently I hit my head on the bar as I fell down. The crazy thing I remember everything during my blackout I was talking to someone about me. I saw me. I saw the people standing around me trying to help me up. I told someone Omgosh she's on the floor get up girl what you doing. I said "Wait. is that me?" It was so weird I couldn't reply to the people around me in reality but I was conversating with the people in my alter state. We were watching it all. A man told me you could have died tonight you better get home. I then regained my consciousness and could walk, talk, and communicate to everyone. I was now outside the club, people asking "Are you drunk?" and trying to get me to respond. I start talking norma,l I'm fine, I don't drink. ~Keyah

Ceiling Image - Long ago, I was in bed. I was half asleep. I assume I was half asleep. I looked up to the ceiling and floating above me, was myself. It was a mirror image. I screamed and came to. The image of me above me was gone. I still don't know what happened. not a real obe, since if it were, you'd think it would have been where I was looking down at me and not looking up. Still, no idea what happened that night. I still think about it and still wonder what I had experienced. ~kirk

Watching Myself Sleep - This happened awhile ago but it's still stuck with me. I think about it a lot actually. One normal night I fell asleep. I don't remember how it happened but I woke in the corner of my room, I was kind of floating higher up in the left corner looking down at myself. It was almost like I was split in two. I could feel me sleeping on my bed, but I could feel me floating across the room. The next moment freaked me out.. I'm a extremely light sleeper, and I heard my closet door open. My sleeping body woke up but I was still floating, watching. A little girl came out of my closet and walked right up to my bed. I asked her what she wanted and she started yelling that she was murdered. I said I'm sorry I can't help you, then the next moment people are piling out of my closet surrounding my bed, and I'm still watching myself. Everyone was yelling and trying to grab me I was screaming trying to wake up, and then I did. And I was sitting up in my bed, in one person, alone in the dark. So strange. ~Hunter

Left My Body to Play in the Clouds - Many were the times I left my body to play in the clouds as a child. It was so much fun, sliding around in those big, fluffy clouds. One time when at a concert hall in D.C. and upon hearing the harp zoom... I was out! Went up and sat next to a lady in one of the "poochie" type spots in the wall, where there are like pockets and I had wondered about those when first there.

The lady beside me saw me! I was smiling up at her - everything was velvet in that little place she and her husband were in. She kept her eyes on me but tapped her husband and nodded to me. He looked around her and for a second he saw me but then pretended that he didn't. I went back to this little girl sitting with her mouth opened (because of the harp music) and hanging onto the sides of her chair (so she wouldn't leave her body) super tight and her mouth opened. I've done a lot of healing in the past. Still can feel where a person hurts as it's reflected in my body when I put my hands on another. ~Mahna

Weird "dream" - OBE experts say that the world is thought responsive, that when you think of something or believe it, it becomes real in the astral plane. To me this sounds like a good explanation to what some people would call alternate dimensions because you might make entire worlds just by dreaming or you go to random worlds when you dream.

But I had an OBE that I was another person and I was really sort of watching it. But I still knew what everything was and who I was in the dream but in the dream my friend had lost his house and was homeless and he built himself a little house out of junk in a junk yard but it was huge. It was weird, I knew what was happening but I had no control over what I said or thought.

I knew this wasn't my world but I didn't care. I felt like I was this person and was best friends with this homeless guy. I didn't know sort of like I knew what was real but I couldn't think of the real world or my own life. ~will420

Partially Asleep - I was trying to have an out of body experience but in the middle I accidentally fell asleep. My dad was getting a divorce from my step-mom and I was in Texas with my grandmaw for the summer. I went to my house to help him move his stuff to storage and when we finished I went back to Texas. Anyway, I fell asleep and had an experience but it was like I was partially asleep. I only remember little pieces. I was at my house and my step-mom had cleaned up the house but other than that it was the same except the curtains were blue instead of white. I knew what was going on and I wanted to have fun. I touched the curtains and where my fingers touched they caught on fire and the fire went out. When I rubbed them I sat on the couch and my step-mom walked by me and didn't see me but her dog Elvis just sat there and watched me. This was actually my first out of body experience. ~will420

Have Had OOBS My Whole Life - I have been having OOBS since I was 6 or 7 years old.

I didn't know what happened the first time I remember having one. I was put to bed by my parents, and couldn't sleep so I walked out to the living room. I saw my parents sitting on the couch watching TV. I couldn't get my voice out, and they would not look at me, like i was invisible. Later, I realized I was OOB, though it took me til the age of 15 to realize what these experiences really were. I have woke up floating over my bed, the roof, have flown over city and fields, have visited people I know. I have told them what they were doing and thinking...lol...and once busted my son being somewhere he shouldn't have been, while out of my body. I have maybe only several a year. They are spontaneous and usually happen if I let myself decide that I want to have one...the will. They never happen at the moment I want to have one...

but within seven days. I've had proably enough experiences to write a short book about. ~Mandy123

Related OBE - I dated a divorced man and a father of two when I was younger. I was in love with him. His son gave me a hard time when I was with his Dad. The relationship ended because I thought he was playing games with me. He was crushed when I left him. I remarried another man but always regretted leaving him and missed him for a long time. I would dream about him off and on. One night his son came to me in a dream and said he was sorry and told me his father always loved me. And I hugged his son and thanked him in the dream. Not long afterward my husband and I were in the nightclub and I "bumped" into the old boyfriend. I asked him how his children were doing. He told me his son died from an drug overdose. I've never had the opportunity to tell my old sweetheart about the dream. I think the son was patching things up. My old boyfriend has visited me in my dreams. He was a believer--like myself. He can't find me in the physical. ~Honeysucklebreeze

I miss my OBEs - When I was small, somewhere between 5 and 7, I had several OBEs. One in particular was being in the corner of the ceiling of my room and watching my body in the bed. I remember others where I traveled. I am much older now and have not had an OBE in many years. I miss them. ~Imahotitem

Brief OBE, But Eye-Opening - In my early 20s, I had an OBE. It was brief because I thought I had died and so I stopped it and got back in my body. As a conservative Christian (back then, not now), I had no point of reference for my soul leaving my body except death. So when I experienced my soul leaving my body lying in bed asleep, I sort of freaked and said "no!" and went back into my body. Now I'd LOVE to do it again and control the experience more. travel sometimes at night when I'm asleep, but I'd like to do it during the daytime and pay closer attention and remember what is happening. ~bethmitchum

OBE at 15 - When I was 15 years old I had an OBE.

Next to my bed I had a stereo with attached speakers (it was the mid 70's) which I know was off when I went to sleep. I remember feeling this rushing sensation then a feeling of zipping across my room and over my sleeping sisters bed - no higher than 6 feet off the ground. When I would get close to a wall I would suddenly slow and zip again. I saw myself sleeping and could hear the song "Us and Them" playing by Pink Floyd. To this day, I can't listen to that song and I am now in my early 50's. My stereo was off when I awoke in the morning. ~BooNGus

Awkward Floating - When I was about on my mid-30's, I was asleep when I felt I was playing basketball in our indoor court and I can clearly felt myself floating into the air whenever I jump and/or run. Just like those astronauts moonwalking. The only diference is that mine was suspended much longer before I bounce back to the ground. I felt it very weird and awkward floating like a feather that sometimes I tried to force or propel myself towards the ground. The experience lasted for about 3 to 5 minutes, and I can still vividly remember how the experience felt up to today. By the way, the experience happened twice somewhere around that period of my life, I cannot forget how it really feel. ~DeoCorky

Curious - In November 2008, my father had a major stroke. We didn't know if he was going to make it so I decided to fly out to see him. The weather was so bad that they canceled my flight. I could not find anyway to get there. I was so distraught that I took a zanex and layed down and the next thing I remember is it was dark outside and I was driving my vehicle to my parents house. I remember telling God thank you so much for letting me come home to see my father. Next thing I remember was being at the door and my mother opened the door and asking me how I got there and I told her God let me come in my dream to see dad and I had to hurry up fast because I knew I was going to wake up soon. I remember going into the living room where he was in a hospital gown and was sitting on a hospital bed. I told him God let me come and see you but I had to hurry up because I was going to wake up. I hugged him and told him "I love you" and then I woke up and thanked God. Thank God I still have him today. ~beckiebinder

My Body Was Paralyzed - Not sure if this was an OBE, but this happened about a year ago. I was reading one of Eckhart Tolle's books and lying in bed. I was so relaxed and must have dozed off. Not sure how long I had been asleep but at some point I immediately realize my body was in a sleep state, but my mind was fully aware. My body was paralyzed, so at first I tried to force myself to wake up, only to feel my eyes rolling constantly in my head as if I was in a deep trance, so let go and let my body go through the process. I was flying above a field of trees, shrubs, and rocks, as if I was in the body of an eagle. Soaring above an endless filed of small trees like I was in the desert or dry area. After a few minutes I slowly came to... feeling drained and wore out. ~LSC

Awake the Whole Time - I've had only two experiences. Many years ago, while trying to have an astral experience, I felt something pushing up and out of my body, my eyes started to bulge with the pressure. It felt as if my astral body was trying to push itself out of my body. Unfortunately, my anxiety made it disappear. I was never able to repeat the experience. Several years later, I saw myself walking down the streets of San Francisco. I realized I was dreaming but it felt too real to be a dream. I extended my hand and felt the rough texture of a building next to me. While I continued to walk, this short, mature man walked by me and mumbled something I failed to understand. I then found myself in my brother's apartment in Los Angeles. He was sitting at the dinner table playing cards with some buddies. Then, to my surprise, I heard my husband walking around in the bedroom and I realized I had been awake all the time! ~raglad1988

OBE or Astral? - I had been talking with a woman from high school after 20 yrs. We were friends. We started noticing odd compatibilies with each other. I also have some sort of a gift of being able to feel her, wherever she is. I can feel her thoughts. When we're together, it's like the outside world disappears. We're content with one another. We even have long conversations all day long, that never get boring. One night, we were sitting in her truck. When we were about to say goodbye for the night and hugged. When all of a sudden we both fell into what seemed to be a extremely relaxed state. I felt as if I going out of my body into a spiritual, sexual state of mind with her. I remember my breathing getting heavier as the feeling got more intense between us. We were like this for what seemed like 20 mins. It got even more intense. I could feel myself touching her, without physically touching her. To the ultimate orgasmic climax. We talked afterward. She and I shared the same experience. Incredible. ~ZXR

Guess they've been OBE's - Wow, after reading all of these, I realize that I have had several of these OBE's my whole life. I just didn't know that is what they were. I've traveled with my guides way out beyond the planet into the universe to meet the beginning of my history; I've gone into past lives where I am part of the scene except for that I am floating/flying, I've gone out of my body to travel far and sometimes the only way I would remember I went somewhere was because of the jolting feeling of a crash landing back into my body. It just hit me, this is OBE. Thanks for all your sharing folks, otherwise I wouldn't know this is what I have been having. Peace and love to all. ~ jamminr

Childhood OBE - As a child of four I was hit in the head with a golf club, during the follow through. It was a child of nine who did it, so the impact didn't kill me; it just put me in a comma. During the car ride to the hospital, I was looking at my mother holding me, rocking and crying. I tried to tell her I was okay and not to cry, but she couldn't hear me. She just kept making all sorts of promises if I would just wake up. Later in the hospital, she kept being insistent that I wake up. Her being my mother, I tried to obey, but the pain in my head was so intense that I just couldn't open my eyes. The doctor came into the room and whispered in my ear, that it was okay to just sleep and heal for now. He then told my mother to stop asking me to awake, that I would wake up on my own when the trauma was healed enough to do so. Two weeks later, I woke up with stitches in my forehead, a slight headache, and memories of the entire time I was in the hospital. Including the promises, look out Mom! ~Soffea

Field of Creation-OBE NDE - I distinctly & vividly remember a nighttime OBE of flying past the streaming stars & being taken to a place with myriads of colors, vibrations, pulses (I could feel it), geometric shapes, colored planets of substance/matter, etc. & being told audibly by Spirit "from this all creation originates." Another time, the Savior came into a room filled with other people & He washed my feet & annointed my head. This too was also very vivid. Luckily other times that the Savior came it was witnessed by others. Later, I met my true love at an "Intuitive Living" seminar that I taught. He had been told of me during his NDE of 3 days while in a coma that happened when he was 10 years old & preceded by his mother's 3 prophetic dreams recorded in her diary. We have a mission to expose corruption w/ masonry (blood oath) & polygamy in a religion & restore truths that were taken away by "learning men" regarding the identity of God & equality of women. All gain "priesthood" of God w/ baptism. Simple. ~truthrestored

OBE at Age 5 - When I was 5 yrs old I was hospitalized with pneumonia. I was very sick. As I laid there in my hospital bed I suddenly found myself in a tunnel with light all around. I was walking with a very tall woman dressed in blue. She was very comforting to me. I don't remember waking up from this or even being asleep. When I was young I never realized that this may have been a near death experience. As a 5 yr old I had never heard of any OBE stories that would put this image in my head. It was as pure as can be coming from the mind of a child. I truly believe that it was real & that the woman was perhaps my spirit guide coming through to comfort me in my time of need. It gives me a great sense of comfort knowing that she's out there watching over me. ~Tonya15

Bad OBE (near death experience) - I was going through a very difficult time in my life while I was in the military. I had been fighting with my wife for months while I was overseas and came home to find her dating another man. Fearful of retaliation by military code if I assaulted the man I took it out on myself. Large amounts of prescription medications were used and I went out quickly after a stomach ache. The paramedics say I was awake but not responsive. I could feel everything they were doing but I felt cold and in a completely dark void. I felt as if I was floating but could not see or hear anything. Most people say that they have an OBE with a bright light, maybe tunnel vision but I had nothing, just emptiness all around me. I talked to a priest (I'm not a religious type of person) and he said it sounded similar to purgatory. Maybe the stories are true about suicide, you are sent to an empty place for eternity. But I'm back, and vow never to make the mistake again. It was just far too freaky! ~WBishop

A lLfetime of OBEs - Since I was little I have been having what I believe to be obes. When I was younger about 5 years old I could see myself leaving my body, looking down and seeing myself laying there. I would float or fly around the house checking on my sister, brother, and parents. Then I would return to my bed and watch "myself" enter my body again. The next morning I could remember ever detail of what happened. I'm 21 now and am still having the same type of thing happen. However now a days when it happens I'm standing up in my dreams and its like I'm showing off what I can do. I put my hands by my sides and think about leaving my body. Then I float above it and can fly. I started out just floating around the house, but within the last few years I have been going outside also. Then when I am done "flying" I come back to my body and reenter it. Then I wake up. It feels so real, and unlike other dreams I can remember EVERY detail about what happened. ~Ashley Marie

OBE - I was dreaming I was at a party and a friend who had recently passed away was there. I turned to see her and was shocked. So I walked up to her and called her name and reached my hand out. As soon as I touched her a big flash of bright lights came between us and I stepped out of my body and into hers. I woke myself I guess from fear or startle. I was paralyzed, unable to move so I called for my mother but I had no voice. I spoke with someone and was told my friend was trying to tell me that she was ok where she was and that would be the last dream I had of her (I had lots of dreams about her after she passed on, though not OBE). Sure as could be, that OBE was the last one I had. ~kriseevans

Bewildered By It All - It's happened to me, as well. All I've read here and more does happen. Last summer I dreamt of my long ago high school honey. Shortly after, I'd wake up crying w/ no idea why--except, it was about him. I was emotional and miserable for hours, w/ vague recall of conversations with him. He was crying, full of remorse, regret. We haven't seen each other for many years. We parted on unhappy terms, he was sorry. I never wanted to see him again. I moved forward, he went to the military, where I'd been terrified he'd be hurt. I began thinking of him, constantly after the 'dreams' began. I knew he wasn't dead. After praying to understand what was happening to me, two gifted people at a friends' shop explained. She aasked, "Are you Astral Projecting to him?" I began to understand. The other added, "HE came to her, he was hurt in combat and is coming to her." I recalled we were in a room, talking. He was crying as I comforted him. We've sent emails, once, maybe love is never really lost. ~moonlibra

OBE - Prayer Warrior - I have had several OBEs in my lifetime. Most are quite exhilarating! I fly often fast at times (like in Superman w/Margo Kidder) and slow (like on the movie HOOK)! Then there are times when I just observe myself or others sleeping. The only bad experience I had was when I was floating in a deep dark void and I felt the pressurization closing in on me and felt I couldn't breathe, it was a spiritual attack and I was actually floating above my bed. I could feel the cold air beneath me. I woke as I was falling onto the bed. I was 23 yrs old at the time. The other times are when I am in deep prayer and I can sense a pillar of light shooting straight up (like Hollywood premiere lights). This is a powerful experience for me!!! The bad thing about that is when I get disturbed, interrupted or touched by someone. I feel a jerk-like response in my body as though I fell back into it! I have a deep spiritual life and called a prayer warrior. I believe that is why it happens so easily for me. ~Marilyn

Flying Towing My Silver Thread - Greetings. In 1987 I realized that what I had been experiencing. Over my 36th year I was flying via 'obe.' I only realized this several days later. I replayed the last flying/obe in my minds eye/memory like a video tape, noting every detail, and making sure it was not a dream. Since I had this happen before I knew it was not a dream. The 'obe' started with my body having a shudder, and before I knew what was happening I was flying over my house at an altitude that scared me. I then realized that I was ok, safe and in control. I climbed, to an altitude where I could see most of the lake I live on and the one mile bridge crossing over the lake. I checked to see if the 'silver cord' was in any danger, as I had recently read Love is a Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach- one of his characters has the same, and explains about the silver cord and its importance. ~hhylndr

Moving Through Walls and Floors - On various occasions I believe I have had OBEs. Most of them have been interesting, some quite puzzling, maybe frightening. This happened many years ago. Now that I am older and very interested in having this experiences they do not happen. The one that I remember being more curious is the one that I found myself moving through the apartment floor and walls. I found myself in the lobby and out of the building. There is a truck and they are unloading big plants in very big containers. I follow them into the elevator to see what they are doing. I observed when they start unloading two plants per floor and put each plant across in front of every elevator. When later during the day I had to leave to work at the airport. The first thing that I see are the beautiful plants in against the front wall of the elevator. I pushed all the buttons of the elevator and confirmed that during the morning they have been unloading plants in front of the elevator on each floor. ~Edil

Younger Days - While in my teens, I had quite a few OBE. It was important for me to feel safe and make sure my family was safe as well. I would wander around the house at night, checking all the doors and windows. I would look in on my brother, sister then, my parents. I'd listen to their nightly conversations before heading back to my body. ~Katmatrac

Looked Down at Myself in Bed - I was about 5-6 years old. I would be very close to sleep and when my eyes shut, not fully asleep, I would feel myself leaving my body, rising higher and higher above my bed, looking down at myself. I don't remember leaving the room, just floating and then waking up the next morning feeling weird and tired. I was afraid to tell my mother, so I never mentioned it. This only happened when I was very tired. This occurred several times until I got a little older and it stopped. ~Marsha

My OBE - I had a tooth pulled so they had given me hydrocodone for the pain. I took one and fell asleep on the couch. I woke to find myself sitting on the floor in front of the couch. Thinking I had fallen off, I turned around to see my body still lying on the couch! I thought, hmm this isn't right, I better get back in my body, so I did. Later I woke up for real but it was a conscious experience. ~tracy

Saw Clone of Myself - One evening, while meditating, I felt someone watching me, and then I saw my head, neck and shoulders resting on the countertop on my right. We glared at each other since it is very difficult for me to reach a deep and complete meditation. I can see dead persons and I find that normal, but seeing myself cloned there, and NO mirror where "we" were. ~Marcejen

Visionaries - I don't know if it was an OBE precisely, but I often have what I call 'visionaries.' They usually happen in the early morning. I saw myself at the alter in our church praising the Lord when as fast as a lightning bolt I saw my body crumple and fall to the floor. I felt the most awesome feeling and I knew it was like what people who use drugs seek. I felt like my spirit was airborn and traveling at a zooming speed. Anyhow, when I woke (?) in my body I knew how death must feel like. Usually when people are about to leave their earthly body at the time of death they will open their eyes with a start, look around, then pass onto the next life. I now know what that feels like, almost like falling. That is the experience I had before the euphoria. It was a little startling, not frightening, and then that euphoric feeling. It was unlike anything else I ever experienced and taught me about death. It is only the passage of the body to another higher realm, returning to it's creator. ~getreal

Floating Out of Body - I studied on out-of-body experiences for a while and when I first attempted it, I did travel out of my body, across the room, out a window, into another room, and I floated above a person resting. I saw them and I felt that they were aware of me in mind. Was weird, but then a loud noise happened and I was brought right back to consciousness. ~MissRamzey

Blue Moonlight - I was 18 years old. I remember lying in my bed one night, the moonlight began to intensify, it lit up my bedroom a brilliant bright blue. Within seconds it seemed, I was standing on the other side of the room looking back at my body. I panicked and began to scream. As I tried to figure out what was happening to me, it happened again. I cannot explain the feeling other than likening it to a numbing feeling, almost like when your foot goes to sleep. It has never happened since then. Now that I am older, I wish it would. I wish I could learn to do that and control it. If only I knew then what I know now I would have embraced that moment. ~Deborah

Gave Me Goose Bumps - I didn't know it was that for sure until I saw this reference to the light that came to me. I asked the light "Did I die?" He said "No dear, no one dies, I came to show you something." I have gooses bumps writing this. Then I came out of mine with an orange color and it was mauve so beautiful. It happened fast and felt like nothing else I have ever seen or lived, but didn't know it was called an OBE. Happy to finally have someone that believes it is real. ~ritz48

Deceased Father's Voice -I was sleeping the night before school. My dad had recently passed away about 8 months prior. I awoke from my dream with a ringing of my father's voice. I looked around my room and it was dark but illuminated some how. My father's voice kept yelling for me so, so I got up and walked to the living room. It actually didn't even feel like I was walking but more as if I was being pulled without my feet even touching the ground.

When I reached the leaving room there was no one but my father's voice came again from my room. So I quickly went back and when I got to my room I saw myself sleeping. I awoke quickly after that though. Weird dream. ~zach

Healing with light -This all happened last night, I was aware that I was floating, I was actually thinking to myself, holy shit, you're actually floating. I then was aware of these beings, they stood about 8 feet tall and had coats on that were just normal fabric, like a thick knitted material. These beings didn't have faces, there was just light, like if you were looking directly at a spot light, except you could stare right into it really easily. These beings were standing around me while I was levitating and sending light into my stomach and my chest. I had this completely overwhelming feeling of complete joy and bliss. I actually was thinking to myself, oh my god, this is what pure love feels like, you are actually being healed, this is what's going on.

It all felt so familiar! I feel like this is something that happens all the time however this time I was allowed to experience it consciously. ~ Kellie      

Floating - I was sitting in my chair and the next thing I know, I was out of my body, floating up and looking down. I saw my body asleep and my friends talking to each other.

I knew that I could not communicate with them and that I was in some kind of spiritual state or another dimension. I enjoyed the feeling of being totally free from the body but became scared that I could not return. I felt alone. I wanted to return to my body finally did. the time that passed was probably half an hour. Then I woke up in my body. It has never happened before or since. This OBE was 40 plus years ago, yet it seems like it was yesterday.  ~Frank

Unexplained Feeling -I had a dream where i was floating in my bedroom when all of a sudden I ended up on the roof of where my bathroom is and I could see my grandpa and sister but they couldn't see me. I would yell for help but it was like they could never hear me. I knew it was a dream because floating is impossible but what could all of that dream mean? ~Apollo

Met a deceased person I never knew - Last night I think my soul left my body, while I was away I met Thomas Herrion, I was at an ocean resort or beach, he walked up to me and was talking, he said you know who I am right? I'm sorry I do not, he said I'm Thomas Herrion and I was going to play football for the 49rs. He then wrapped his arms around me, that is when my husband woke me up, he said I was icy cold and had no movement at all for 5 minutes as he tried wake me.

Just as I came back he said tell Bob thanks for all the fan support of the team, Bob is my husband, I then decided to research the name and guess what? I found that the man I talked to was the same man whom had died in 2005. I never even heard of him before. The afterlife is the exact same as it is here in the physical only on a different level. He had no sadness but knew he was no longer living life on earth, but he was very much alive in the after world. What the heck? Very very strange. ~Oceanbchbby

Unforgettable - I was 10 or 11 years old that time and I catch a cold. It was at home and I was lying on a couch and my mother is beside me, taking care of me. Then I fell asleep. And then, for me, it's as if I woke up, I felt a weird sensation like a vibration or electric sensation--but its not stingy or anything--or something.

And I felt I slowly floating from the couch while still lying until I reach the ceiling. I felt weird that time. And when I turn I saw myself lying on the couch and I still feel the weird sensation. When I realized that, I try my best to go back to myself that is on the couch. Then I woke up for real. I saw my mother beside me and she told me that I was pointing at the ceiling while I was asleep. And I was like, that was weird, right? And til now, I still feel that sensation whenever I remember that dream. ~Cthugah

Purple Tornado Dream / OBE - The portion of my dream in which I had just watched my ex turn into a massive black and purple tornado coming at me had just ended. I then thought I had woke up. I was standing by the door and the lights started flickering and began to shed a fluorescent yellow light on my room. It was sickening. I took a step towards my bed and a girl stepped out from behind my dresser. She had my build and my color of hair but her face was distorted and her clothes dirty; straight from a horror movie. She took a step towards me but not in an attacking way. Almost as if she were asking for help. I then I tried my hardest to wake up and she disappeared. My brain was convinced I was awake but i later realized I wasn't. Still dreaming, I went into my grandmothers room and can vividly remember looking down at her and trying to wake her up, grabbing for sheets and yelling "grandma". I was desperate to wake up. She opened her eyes and looked up and that's when I woke really woke up...shaking and crying. ~Irie

City of Wilderness  - My OBE was in BABYLON I flew to the top -man the city was like heaven - and met Hindu god. I touched it's face. Man, it was real thing and he said "Let me guide you" and he touched my head and my vision started to blur like crazy and I suddenly woke up somewhere in the bar. I was sleeping on the stairs seeing myself sitting but the thing is when I turned left and right my eyes were open and I self could see my out body. I walked to left and he looked to left...

I flew up in the sky then to space and saw spaceship after that my vision distorted - I saw something my whole vision mathematical equations and woke up in my that body sitting on the stairs with my eyes barely open and could see my aura it was blue fire all around for few seconds I teleported to England white shire or new york and the body me was so fucking real - it was actually me and asked people where I am. One answered England Whiteshire. I walked around touched people and me it was real thing-- lasted for 5 mins!!! ~G

So very scared - I was in bed struggling to sleep tossing and turning then all of a sudden my skin felt like pins and needle like a tingly sensation then I just felt my body lift up from my bed. I started spinning over my bed, I see people around my bed. I can remember thinking oh God help me, what is happening and who are these people. They were looking at my bed and then I looked like I could see myself laying in bed, I remember I kept hitting my arm on my wardrobe door and feeling it then I managed to get myself down back on to my bed then just ran through to my sons bedroom really frightened my son said mum your making so much noise whats wrong i just said please let me get bed with you. I laid there for few minutes trying to understand what just happened. I must have fell asleep then all of a sudden I woke up back in my bedroom. I just could not believe it what was that all about. Never felt so frightened in all my life. ~cathie d

False Awakening or OBE? - I have had many lucid dreams and done plenty of research. I dreamt I was at a wedding with my mom. My husband was mad at me so I flew in the air saying you can't catch me. I "woke up" and my legs started floating. My children were next to me in bed as I floated to the ceiling. I looked down and could see them and my bedroom exactly how it is. I got frightened and screamed, and this time woke up for real very scared. A few days later I felt the familiar vibrations and humming of sleep paralysis. I looked down at my legs in my bedroom and they were floating in the air. I quickly wanted to wake up and did. I didn't sleep well after that wondering what is going on. ~Jill

Enjoyed Floating as a Child - I shared a bedroom with younger sister and slept closest to door. I may have been 6-8 years old when I realized one night that I was floating near ceiling (assumed I was in my body, so never looked down). With hallway night light glowing dimly I wasn't afraid. I gently floated into my parents' bedroom, saw them sleeping and willed myself to float back. No other memory till I woke up next day. I enjoyed it so much, I would will myself to float at night, up near the ceilings and gently down the hall. I simply had to encourage myself to float and was successful on several nights spread out over the next year or so. I never told anyone as it felt like a special, wonderful gift & I knew people aren't supposed to be able to fly. Even now 50 years later, I recall how I looked forward to my night floating. It helped I felt I controlled my experience. Now I might find it scary. ~Galee

OBE it's REAL!! - Took far too much medication, not to end my life, just push the envelope.Chase the high and experience it like the first time. Memories are solid and I myself was in pure disbelief, telling myself every detail had a perfectly good scientific reason behind it. After all I am a science only kind of guy. This is all true - laying flat (apparently I passed out) on my bed I feel the urge to stand up and walk out of the room into the hall. The room is completely dark. I stand to my feet and walk to the door, reach for the handle, my hand passes through it. I stopped and became very confused and smiled "what an awesome dream" I turned to lay back down and saw myself laying on the bed. I lay on me (in me) and stand once again only to have my hand pass through the knob once again. Turning towards the bed I once again see myself laying on my tack in the bed. I lay down, confused yet very calm. I became determined to open that door, I continued this process about six times. I became determined. I concentrated and stood to my feet and walked towards the door and reached for the handle and this time I felt it in my hand and was able to open the door, I turned to the bed and I was no longer laying down. I was in another world for about three minutes. We remain after death, it's our body that leaves ... Our consciousness is infinite and we are all connected. "coexist" ~Jw66

OBE or Sleep Paralysis - I'm laying in bed one night asleep when all of a sudden I feel a tingling sensation come over my body starts at my head and moves thought my whole body then a loud ringing in my head starts. I then panic and try to roll over, move, or scream and I get nothing. Then I feel as though I am Falling off my bed but I can't catch myself. I then suddenly awake. But I awake like nothing has happened and I feel completely fine. This has happened to me a few times. I'm not sure if I'm trying to have an OBE or if it's just sleep paralysis. ~Derrick Henry

Meeting a Spirit in Another Realm - All my life, I've had those awakenings in the night, feeling I had fallen into my bed. I never thought much of it. I also had sleep paralysis a few times. That was scarey, I hope it never happens again. My most profound experience was after my fiancee Steve passed away. During my sleep, I found myself in another place. This was NOT just a dream. It was vivid. I was completely aware. My soul was with Steve's soul in another place. We floated in a red ambiance, there was no direction or gravity. We spoke mentally and embraced each other. We knew it would be out last time until my own life was over. There was sadness and joy. We held and loved each other. He and I were both completely aware that MY BODY was asleep and that it would soon awaken and my soul would have to return to my body. I was so thankful for the gift of being able to feel and see him. It was bittersweet. I awoke and cried knowing he was okay, but sad that our time was over. I have no doubt this was real! My soul was there. ~Claire

Astral Travel - I had my first obe a few nights a go, it totally freaked me out but was also very exciting. All I recall I was falling asleep having the most vivid dream or obe I was standing next to myself watching my partner and myself sleep. I started to panic but couldn't wake, so I walked over to the other side of the room, looked in the mirror and went back over to myself and pulled the blankets back. Then I woke up, very promptly as if I had re-entered my body. It was so surreal, hope I may do it again as I don't think i would panic if it happened again. ~indica sativa

Recent and Past - Recently I had an OBE, I was in bed and my hand felt as if it was paralyzed, I tried to move but slowly my entire body was motionless and I could not speak, but the next moment I was able to move, I sat up in bed and felt very at peace but suddenly I was back and my head was on the pillow, it wasn't my real body that had sat up. This freaked me out a little. I told my mother, who told me that when I was A child I used to talk about when I walked down the stairs in the mornings it felt as if I was floating down the stairs and no walking was involved. I can faintly remember this as it happened a lot. Mum told me that she and my uncle used to have the same visions, is that an OBE too? ~Gaz.s

OBE experience or Dream not sure - I was laying in bed and left that the blanket that was covering was being pulled off of me in an upward motion. I thought my husband was doing this put I could not speak to say why. Then I quickly realized that he was not in the room and I started feeling my energy going up it was a strange sensation like I was floating upward but not as a whole I was floating upward in particles. I realized that I was leaving and I said to myself several times I am leaving, wow, I am leaving. I began to think about all of the people that I know still feeling the sensation part of me scared part of me feeling like it was a beautiful experience then I thought of my mom and said to myself wait I cannot leave, now this will kill her. The sensation stopped and I woke up although I did not feel like I was sleeping. I had a procedure done that afternoon where I did receive Novocaine and I have been fighting a kidney infection as well. I meditated that afternoon also. ~Lisa

Flying - I think I may have had an OBE a couple of nights ago, in the real world I had waved my daughter off on the Ferry to Shetland for her Uni Placement, then that night when in bed and not yet sleeping, I had a weird sensation that I (my body, not in a plane or such), was flying over the sea along the coast, heard a strange noise like when you sign out of Skype and suddenly soared upwards really quickly, then felt really freaked by it all and sat up in my bed, thinking what on earth has just happened to me! It felt so real and I remember it clearly. ~     Linda M

Agnostic believes in life after death - I was @35 yeo, I had severe spinal problems, Herniated discs, My doctor told me not to go on the hunting trip. FU Doc, I'm outtahere! Long srory short. I was laying on my back watching TV. (No booze or drugs) When I just flipped over and was looking at myself about 3 feet off the ground. My body looked like the high school science class illustration of the nervos system see thru page. I knew I was in trouble, but being me I said wtf, and started to roam around the cabin. I was flying at an altitude of four feet off the ground, looking at things I was familiar with to justify that I'm not dreaming. It was really cool flying around like it was natural. THEN !! It dawned on me that I'm either dead, or going to be if I don't get back into my body. So I figured It was time to find out if I was dead or not. So I flew back to my body and SLAMMED myself into it. Well I'm still here. I am still an agnostic, but I believe in life after death. ~Nuckelhead

OBE EXPERIENCE, I DIED - Last night I had my first OBE. I fell asleep and had the strangest dream. I dreamt it was raining and I was trying to get on the highway. As I look up I see two little lights and just clouds. I assume the lights was a truck coming. There was nothing else on the highway.I couldn't see clearly from read windshield. I estimate the distance between me and lights was safe to go. As I got on the highway the lights came and hit my car in the back. I felt my body go limp and my head rested on the seat. I felt so peaceful. Then when I look up I saw my spirit leaving my body and I thought how good this felt. Then in a couple of seconds my spirit turned around, looked at me, then re-entered my body. Then I jumped up out of my sleep. I was so scared. I thought I died in my sleep, but it was not time for me to go yet. ~BODYMIST

OBE NDE - I left a frat party my first semester in college to smoke weed with 4 friends. I offered to drive although I had been drinking. I took two hits of the weed and blacked out at the wheel. We crashed into trees. Nothing felt real, but I could hear everything. When we were pulled over, I was unconscious and watching my friends try to save my physical body. I watched myself fall out of the car face first. I watched them pick me up and set me in the back seat of the car. I watched my friend pick my body up telling me I would be "okay." With every word they spoke, everything felt closer to consciousness. My friend said the words "Come on! Stay awake!" and stroked my face, and that's when everything felt most real. My physical body sprung to consciousness and sat in the seat where my astral body was sitting and watching, as if I was going back into my body. I told them "I'm fine." The next morning I checked stories with my friends. Everything I saw was confirmed with what was real. ~mich

Vortex OBE - As I was lying on my back trying to fall asleep I felt like my blankets were wrapping tighter around my body as if a vacuum was sucking the air from around them and I was being wrapped up like a cocoon. Right after that I actuality saw my feet swing up in the air as if I was being shot through a vortex. I got really freaked out and woke up even though I know I was already awake. ~happwolf

A Child's Game - When I was seven or eight. We were playing a game in an alley. The kids told me to breathe ten times hard and the last one take a deep breath. The next thing that happend was I was about 150 away from them looking at their backs. It took me a few seconds to realize I was watching them watch me. It felt like forever but was not painfull. I was so young I could not have dreamed this type of detail. It was a gift from God. ~Robert

My first OBE - Last night I THINK I had my first OBE. I'm 15. I remember I was in my bed looking at a ghost and it creeped me out a little bit so I wanted to ask why it was there. I went to move my body and I couldn't move one bit. Then I freaked out because the spirit walked towards me and.. it was me! I thought I died or something and my spirit came back to me and went in my position then I got up and started to panic. Then I started remembering random things in my head that seemed recent. I think my ghost went to my friend's house (because I'm currently concerned about him/in love). I love spirituality so this didn't really scare me it just made me think a lot. ~kira

A Christmas Story OBE - When I was about 5 years old, I had an argument with my brother while decorating our Christmas tree. My mother had me take a "time-out" by sitting on a piano bench across the room. I wanted to be over with them decorating the tree so I folded my hands tightly together and kept saying that I will fly over there. Almost immediately I found myself above the tree looking down on my mother and brother. It was only for a moment because my mother looked at me and thought that I looked very sickly and when she felt me, my skin was very cold. It was an OBE that I will never forget. ~philipobe

Odd OBE - I am 12 and I don't know if they were or not, but I have had 2 OBEs. one was at my grandma's house. She has had many OBEs and when I was about to go to sleep, I started to tingle. I was horrified, and I thought "this is what it's like to die!" and then I finally broke out of the trance and I cold see straight THROUGH the roof. I could see the stars and everything! The second time was when I was at the dentist when I was 10. They gave me the nasty happy gas stuff and while I was all loopy, I saw myself with the happy gas stuff and the dentist came in I was pulled/pushed into my body. I wish I could have another. ~dtm