Out-of-Body Experiences - True Stories

True stories from around the world of remarkable out-of-body experiences, or astral travel.

After-Feeding OBE

Photo: Hulton Collection / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

After feeding the baby, this woman finds herself floating above her bed.


Kim has an OBE that has many of the characteristics of a near-death experience.

Another World, Not My Own

Ron has a weird experience that might have been a dream -- or a trip to another world.

Astral Travel Adventures

Pat says her night time activities were far more real and exciting than being "in the body" during the day.

Buzzing Out of Body Experiences

Read had OBE experiences spanning over 17 years.

Early Out of Body

Wendy had an OBE when she was just three years old.

Epic Astral Travelogue

Austin has an amazing out-of-body flying experience.

The Fall, Redux

Nathan has an OBE with enhanced vision and more.

First OBE Experience

Steve was meditating when we was carried away by his first OBE.

Meditative Drop into the Void

"I found that once I learned to hover in a deep meditative state I would eventually attract benevolent beings...."

OBE at Denny's

A guy is working as a busboy at Denny's when he has an OBE.

OBE on an Icy Road

Mimi's car goes skidding out of control on an icy road when she has her OBE.

OBE or Nightmare?

Was it a nightmare or an OBE? Well, Sharon has marks on her body that say the latter.

OBEs, Ghosts and More

A 10-year-old recounts his incredible experiences.

OBE - Shadow Man Encounter

Audra encounters a smiling shadow person during her OBE.

Out of Body Adventures

A 14-year-old is falling asleep when he finds himself floating up to the ceiling.

Out-of-Body Escape

Karen's OBE was a way to escape an abusive relationship.

Out-of-Body Visit

Stacey has an OBE that was more like a nightmare.

Soaring Out of Body

Joann wonders if the experiences she is having are OBEs or sleep paralysis.

Son's Astral Body

A mother sees her son in an unusual way -- he might have been having an OBE.

Surgery OBE

This author "woke up" in the middle of surgery.

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