Out-of-Body Scare and Demon Call


The following incidents took place in Michigan in the summers of 2009 and 2010. I've dealt with sleep paralysis for years, so much so that my body is now accustomed to the sensations that are a precursor to the terrible experience and I am able to wake up before it fully takes hold of me. One thing that I've always found to be truly bizarre about it is that I had never experienced it in my life until my ex told me about how it used to happen to her when she was younger.

That night it happened to me and hasn't stopped, though it has become rarer and rarer.

I had two experiences that leave me at a loss because I've never experienced anything like them and am not sure if they were just really intense episodes of sleep paralysis or if they were out-of-body experiences... or something else. I do not know.

The first experience I had was in 2009. I was lying in bed, watching television and I fell asleep. Suddenly, I felt myself wake up and realized that I hadn't been sleeping long because the show that I had been watching was still on. I could only see half of the television because my blanket was pulled up, partially covering my face and it was making me sweat and making it difficult to breathe.

I reached up to pull the blanket down, and that's when I learned that something wasn't quite right, because no matter how hard I tried, I wasn't able to pull the blanket from my face because my hand would just pass through it.

Terrified, I jumped out of bed and was overcome by this strange, dizzy, and numb feeling in my head and throughout my entire body. I thought that maybe I was having a stroke or something, so I ran to my door to get my parents to take me to the hospital.

I reached for the door handle and, just like with the blanket, my hand passed right through it!

I tried to grab it several times and got the same result each time -- my hand passed through it! I then tried to beat on the door really hard in hopes that the noise would wake someone in the house and that they would come check on me, but again, my hand passed right through the door!

I then started to really freak out because I thought that I was dead and I began to hyperventilate and cried out to God. All of a sudden, it felt like there was a zap and I was back lying in my bed with the blanket over my face, only now I was able to pull it off. I jumped out of bed and ran out of my room and didn't go back to sleep for the rest of the night.

I told my mom about it the next day, but she didn't really believe me and said it was just a nightmare, which, for all I know, it might have been.

My second occurrence happened about a year later, in the summer of 2010. It was mid-afternoon and I was feeling tired, so I decided to take a nap. I went and lay in bed and was struggling to fall asleep. I finally managed to start to drift off when my cellphone rang. I didn't want to answer it because I was almost asleep, but I reluctantly grabbed it and climbed out of bed.

Without looking at the number, I answered and said hello.

There was no response and so I said hello again. Still there was no response. Irritated, I walked out of my room and down the hall toward the family room and said hello one more time out of frustration. Finally, a voice replied, but it was all static and breaking up. I said, "I can't hear you. You're breaking up."

Then the voice became clear and it said, "Hello. I need you to do me a favor." I laughed, thinking it was some sort of prank call because I didn't recognize the voice and I decided to play along. I asked what the favor was and then the voice completely changed from pleasant to this deep, demonic growl and screamed, "LET ME IN!"

I freaked out and threw my phone across the room. It hit the wall and shattered into pieces. My entire house began to shake like there was a massive earthquake, and my vision got really weird.

I just closed my eyes and said, "God, please help me." I opened my eyes with a start and was back in my bed and my phone was sitting beside me, in one piece and functional. I picked it up and quickly scanned through my call history, but there were no strange calls made. I also saw that only a few minutes had passed since I first started to fall asleep.

I know this is long, but I wanted to share it in hopes that maybe someone out there has an explanation as to what these two events were; if they were just some really intense form of sleep paralysis or something else. I always have intense, vivid dreams, but these were beyond that. They both were so unbelievably real feeling and they didn't seem like I was sleeping at all (though I apparently was). They still kind of freak me out when I think of them and would like some insight into them.

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