Animal Totems from the Outback

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Totems from the Outback

Animal Photos from the Outback
Outback Totems. Canva / Getty Images

Which Creatures Are Your Personal Totems?

The down under is home to a variety of animals unique to the region. See photos and learn the lessons these spirit totems teach. Australia's wildlife rivals the natural landscape in terms of beauty and diversity. The fascinating creatures found throughout this majestic continent are revered and inspire spiritual connections amongst humans.

Outback Totems

  • Kangaroo Totem
  • Koala Bear Totem
  • Platypus Totem
  • Wallaby Totem

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Koala Bear Totem

Koala Bear Totem
Symbolizes Dreamtime Koala Bear Totem. John Warden / Getty Images

Messages and Meanings: Telepathy, dreamworker, lucid dreaming, intuition, meditation, mother-child bond

Adorable Koala bear resembles the teddy bear, otherwise it is not at all bear-like. Koalas originate from Australia and are marsupial mammals. Marsupials in general as totems teach the importance of mother-child bonding in earliest stage of life. At first blind and deaf, the Koala is fully dependent on its mother for the first six to twelve months of its life. If Koala bear appears consider what your relationship is to your mother (or child). Is the bond a good one, or does it need work?

Koalas are primarily nocturnal, slumbering most of the day. It is because of its extremely low metabolism that Koala sleep 16 to 18 hours each day. As a totem, Koalas are excellent teachers of lucid dreaming and also serve as telepathic messengers.

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Kangaroo Totem

Kangaroo Totem
Symbolizes Power and Action Kangaroo Totem. John White Photos / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: strength, intuitive action, mother and child bond, connective thread between the physical and spiritual worlds

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Meanings and Messages:

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Platypus Totem

Platypus Swimming in Water
Platypus Swimming in Water. Theo Allofs / Getty Images

Meanings and Messages: