20 Totally Over-The-Top Restaurant Presentations

Can't we just have our meal on a plate like normal people?

Via reddit u/lovetosaydada.
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There's A Bloody Mary In There Somewhere

Via reddit u/lovetosaydada.

Come on, now; really? Is this REALLY necessary? (Of course, I'd eat and drink the heck out of this mess, but still.)

Going out to eat at a restaurant is a treat for most people, and food presentation is important. Diners want a nice-looking meal to arrive in front of them; something appetizing and easy to eat. They definitely don't want their food to arrive on a dirty shingle with a stupid theme that makes it nearly impossible to eat without making a fool of yourself!

People have been taking to Reddit's r/WeWantPlates and Twitter to share pictures of restaurants whose totally over-the-top food presentation have gone way too far. As the Twitter account @WeWantPlates puts it, they're on the front lines of "The global crusade against serving food on bits of wood and roof slates, chips in mugs and drinks in jam jars."

Do you agree? Take a look at the images below and see what you think.

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Lamb In It's Natural Habitat

Via Twitter @WeWantPlates and @SiMackie.

This lamb was served up on a rock. A rock, people. As an added bonus, it was also served alongside a sprig of the deceased animal's favorite food, clover. How... charming.

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What's Even Happening Here?

Via reddit u/xiupng.

Fruit salad trapped under a wine glass with a side of... um... oil? And chunks of cheese? Oh and don't forget the random pile of sliced red onion up there!

This gives me a headache.

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Have Your Cake And Drink It Too

Via reddit u/GeneralGiggle.

These things make cake pops seem so cute and quaint, don't they?

Just stop for a moment and picture trying to eat one of these ridiculous things. Who eats a slice of cake without a fork? What kind of barbarian dreamed this up?

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Haven't You Ever Seen A Smoothie In A Ziplock?

Via Twitter @WeWantPlates and Nikos Pagonis.

It's also delivered to you in a teensy little shopping cart, but no, you can't keep the cart. Sorry.

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Fresh From The Dump

Via Twitter @WeWantPlates.

Isn't that appetizing? Somebody took this Tonka toy straight out of the sandbox and onto your restaurant table. Mmm.

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Burgers and Fries in a Giant Goblet

Via reddit u/Tankh.

Why, though? Wouldn't your fries get all soggy at the bottom of this greasy mess? What's wrong with just using a nice, simple dinner plate??  

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Scotch Egg Served In A Trophy.

Via Twitter @JasonHazeley.

Because of course it was. Of course! 

By the way, I'll save you a Google: "A Scotch egg consists of a hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs and baked or deep-fried."

An egg wrapped in meat and bread crumbs and then deep fried? It's like the Turducken of the breakfast world.

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Dinner Served on a Bookshelf

Via reddit u/TheDerpedOne.

The waitstaff must absolutely hate it when somebody orders whatever this is. 

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Fritters Served In An Old Tennis Shoe

Via reddit u/wsgy111.

Just stop it right now. Don't make me come up there!!! 

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This Nacho Cheese 'Splosion

Via reddit u/ohdearkhalana.

Did... did they actually smear nacho cheese and sour cream on the outside of a goblet and then put a taco on top? Did they actually do that and charge money for people to receive this?

I'm in the wrong line of work.

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Skip The Plates, Just Plop The Food On A Napkin

Via reddit u/kostya8.

Does this make anyone else cringe? The thought of putting wet food directly onto a cloth napkin is just plain weird.

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There's Food In There Somewhere

Via reddit u/Ar72.

If you love hunting through a pile of rocks to find your shellfish, this meal is perfect for you! You get to feel like primitive man at the seashore, which is how we all want to feel when eating at a fancy restaurant. 

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Tower of Burgers Skewered By A Sword

Via reddit u/Ensurdagen.

This meal looks like something served on Game of Thrones. Can I get my burger unstabbed, please? And just one, not 15 of them. 'K, thanks. 

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Cocktail Served In A Pepper

Via reddit u/bAbe_sLincoln.

The bits of organic matter floating in your cocktail are very nutritious. 

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Chutney On A Maxi Pad

Via reddit u/Plurrnuus.

This is so wrong on every level, but it turns out that there was actually a restaurant in Japan that specialized in this sort of thing. Oddly enough, they went out of business in 2017. Can't imagine why! 

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Roe on a Rock

Via reddit u/Rokit9.

Ooh, it's a volcanic rock, not just an ordinary rock. That makes it aaaaall okay.  

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The Rootin' Tootin' American Breakfast

Via reddit u/AmyLouiseLOL.

Woo hoo! 'Murica! Let's set some stuff on fire and eat until our arteries clog!  **Fires double pistols into the air like Yosemite Sam**

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Shovel It In

Via reddit u/themcgician.

So we're not even TRYING to be civilized anymore? Duly noted. 

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Bacon On A Clothes Line

Via reddit u/yellowzealot.

Now you've gone too far.  

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Salad Served In A Colander

Via reddit u/IwanJones.

Skip that pesky "plating" part of washing your salad and just eat it straight out of the strainer. Of course, good luck keeping your dressing from running straight out onto the table cloth. 

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Caesar Salad In A Shot Glass

Via reddit u/TheLadyEve.

This is like, the worst thing to ever happen to Caesar ever.

(Okay, maybe the second worst thing.)

But seriously, how do you eat this? And more importantly, is that a flippin' hotdog?

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Anything Served In a Jaw Mold...

Via reddit u/lostfingers.

...is something I don't want to eat. 

I don't care what it is. It could be the most delicious food ever invented, but if it's served in the mold of someone's mouth, I don't want it. 

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Screw This Screwdriver

Via reddit u/Shirest.

Just order a breakfast plate and get it over with! Breakfast is breakfast; cocktails are cocktails. Get it?

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A Tiny Picnic Table

Via reddit u/jlzrd.

Again, you just have to imagine the waitress trying to get this hot mess over to your table without spilling it all over the place. 

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What A Flop

Via reddit u/aqeloutro.

Please don't make me lick a flip flop in a restaurant. (Last time I almost got arrested.) 

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A Lovely Poached Egg Meal

Via reddit u/SpectralMornings.

Everything looks cooked to perfection, but eating this must be a real pain in the butt. 

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BBQ Pork Sundae With Mashed Potatoes and a Cherry Tomato on Top

Via reddit u/knowmsayinn.

This is messing with my head. Do not want.

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Please Put Your Meat Curtains Away, Ma'am

Via reddit u/brucelovesyou.

No comment. 

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Barbie Hits A New Low

Via reddit u/astronautyes.

Who would do this to America's beloved plastic doll? And why?