Pagan Rituals for Families with Children

Looking for rituals and ceremonies that work well for your young Pagans in training? Here's a collection of some of our most popular kid- and family-themed rituals and celebrations, including Sabbat celebrations and around-the-house craft projects.

Help your kids make their own magic wands. Image by Image Source/Getty Images

If you have a family altar, that's great! It's a nice thing to have, whether you keep it up all year round or just bring it out seasonally. However, if you're a Pagan or Wiccan parent, you may want to go ahead and let your kids have their very own altar. After all, an altar is a place where we keep things that are sacred to us -- but what is sacred to children and what is sacred to adults can be two very different things. More »

Ostara: The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Chocolate Rabbit

Image by Caiaimage/Robert Daly/OJO+/Getty Images

Ostara is a time to celebrate spirituality and the turning of the earth, but there's no reason we can't have a good time with it as well. If you've got kids -- or even if you don't -- this simple rite is a great way to welcome the season using some things that are readily available in the discount stores at this time of year! Bear in mind, this is meant to be fun and a little bit silly. If you think the Universe has no sense of humor, skip this completely.

A simple planting ceremony is an alternative to traditional Beltane rituals. Image by Ariel Skelley/Brand X/Getty Images

Beltane is a celebration of fertility, and despite that it's a perfectly natural aspect of the human existence, let's face it -- some parents may not always be comfortable discussing the erect phallus of the god or the open womb of the goddess with their young children. However, in addition to sexual fertility, the Beltane sabbat is also about abundance, in many forms. Don't just focus on material gains -- it's about the growth of the earth and its bounty, and it's about increasing your own spiritual and emotional wealth. More »

Want to celebrate Beltane with kids? You can!. Image by Cecelia Cartner/Cultura/Getty Images

You can still celebrate the fertility of Beltane with young kids. The trick is to remember that fertility doesn’t just apply to people, but also to the earth and the soil and nature all around us. That means things like flowers, baby animals, plants, seedlings, and all kinds of other things that you probably haven’t even though of in the context of fertility. Beltane is a time for great celebration, so there’s no need to exclude your kiddos. More »

Bubble Kids
Summer is a great time to be a kid!. Image by Echo/Cultura/Getty Images

Litha falls around June 21 in the northern hemisphere, and around December 21 below the equator. This is the season of the summer solstice, and for many families, the kids are on break from school, which means it’s a perfect time to celebrate the sabbat with them. It’s the longest day of the year, many of us are playing outside and enjoying the warmer weather, and you might even be lucky enough to go swimming as you celebrate the sun. If you’ve got kids at home, try celebrating Litha with some of these family-friendly and kid-appropriate ideas. More »

Autumn Kids
Cet your family outdoors to celebrate Mabon!. Image by Patrick Wittman/Cultura/Getty Images

Mabon is the time of the autumn equinox, it's a time to celebrate the season of the second harvest. It’s a time of balance, of equal hours of light and dark, and a reminder that the cold weather isn't far away at all. If you’ve got kids at home, try celebrating Mabon with some of these family-friendly and kid-appropriate ideas. More »

Let your child participate in ritual as much - or as little - as he or she is ready for. Image by Siri Stafford/Stone/Getty Images

Do you need a simple ritual that celebrates the ancestors at Samhain, yet is short enough that your little ones won't get fidgety? This simple Samhain ritual honors family and kinfolk, and can typically be completed in twenty minutes or so. More »

Make your own Yule decor as part of a family project. Image by mediaphotos/Vetta/Getty Images

If you're celebrating Yule, the winter solstice, it's one of the easiest Pagan sabbats to include your children in. Check out some of these ideas for celebrating the season with your kids. More »

Yule has been celebrated through the ages by many cultures. Image by Rick Gottschalk/Stockbyte/Getty Images

If your family enjoys ritual, you can welcome back the sun at Yule with this simple winter ceremony. The first thing you'll need is a Yule Log. If you make it a week or two in advance, you can enjoy it as a centerpiece prior to burning it in the ceremony. You'll also need a fire, so if you can do this ritual outside, that's even better. As the Yule Log burns, all members of the family should surround it, forming a circle. More »

Silly Celebration of the Sacred School Supplies

Are you ready to go back to school?. Image by Jose Luis Pelaez/Photodisc/Getty Images

In many Pagan traditions, it’s customary to consecrate your magical tools before beginning your practice. This creates a magical link between you, the tools, and the divine, and even the universe itself. In some traditions, items which have been consecrated have far more power than those which have not.

The Lion King Kids' Talisman

The Lion King Kid's Talisman is a simple project that will help empower your child with self-confidence in scary situations. Image (c) Patti Wigington 2007

In this simple, kid-friendly ritual, you can create a talisman charged with love and self-confidence to help a child get past their own fears. Whether it's first-day-of-school jitters, stage fright, or just a nonspecific fear that Something Really Bad might happen, you can empower your young one with the Lion King Kid's Talisman. Best of all, your child can do this rite with you, which makes it all the more effective.

Make a Kids' Sweet Dreams Pillow

For a kid's dream pillow, ask the child what sorts of things she likes to dream about, and cut out shapes. Image © Patti Wigington 2009

If your little ones are afraid of Things that go Bump in the Night, put together this Sweet Dreams pillow. It will help keep away the scary stuff, and it's a great magical project you can work on with your child.

Outdoor Reading
There are plenty of Pagan-friendly books for kids!. Image by AZarubaika/E+/Getty Images

There are a lot of children's books that support Pagan principles and values. Things like stewardship of the earth, respect for nature, reverence of the ancestors, tolerance for diversity, a hope towards peace -- all things that many Wiccan and Pagan parents would like to see instilled in their kids. Here's a list of books that are great reading for the under-eight set. More »

Do your kids say Pagan bedtime prayers?. Image © Getty Images; Licensed to

Does your young one say prayer before bedtime? If you'd like to incorporate a prayer with a Pagan flair into your nightly routine, try one of these simple Pagan bedtime prayers for kids. More »

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