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Tarie's Scarab

Image © Tarie 2010, used with permission

Lots of Pagans and Wiccans express themselves with body art. If you've got a tattoo that shows some aspect of your Pagan or Wiccan religion, we'd love to see it! Send it in, and we'll add it to the photo gallery.

Please be advised that as of August 2010, our photo submission method has changed. Please do NOT email photos in -- your submissions can be sent in using the form here: Submit Your Photo

Reader Tarie says, "This tattoo was a creation from my own mind. The scarab done in the colors of the sun represents rebirth.... the scarab itself represents many things depending on how it is used. The wings of Isis meant to symbolize assention. The eye of Ra of course for protection. This tattoo I got after getting married to my current husband and an awesome guy. I wanted to show my love for my religion and be able to have a beautiful piece of artwork to cherish for the rest of my life."

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Amy's Frog Tattoo

Image © Amy 2008, used with permission

Blog reader Amy says, "Here is a photo of my first tattoo. It is a North American green frog, common to wetlands all over this beautiful continent. While not a strictly pagan design, my reasons for having it done do stem from my own spiritual beliefs. First and foremost, the frog is a very sensitive species, and as we watch their numbers decline we cannot help but notice the effect humanity is having on the environment we all share. So, this is a reminder to live green, and every choice in our daily lives can make a difference. Secondly, in a number of different cultures frogs represent rebirth and transformation. As they shift from tiny egg, to tadpole, and eventually a full grown frog, so too do we move through the cycles of our lives as the same being, but innately different after each turn of the wheel. Similar to the phoenix rising anew from his ashes, the ever changing frog reminds us that we are always changing and becoming something new, although sometimes the changes come so slowly you may not even be aware of it. This was designed and inked by Candice at Black & Blue in Nanaimo, BC."

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Denise's Dragon Tattoo

Image © Denise 2008, used with permission

Blog reader Denise sends us her dragon tattoo photo, and she says, "Mine is more subtle than some, but here you go. I chose a dragon due to the fact that in the old days, dragons were avatars of the Mother. The colors are water and earth colors, which is my closest elemental affinities. The dragon has a tattoo also, which is the triple moons."

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Elisha's Back Tattoos

Image © Elisha 2008, used with permission

Elisha submitted us a photo of the two tattoos she has on her back. She says, "Both of these tattoos I drew myself, drawing from the original designs. The top tattoo was inspired by a picture of a Celtic compass, depicting the four directions of the wind. The bottom tattoo is, of course, the Egyptian ankh. Both my husband and I have this ankh tattoo."

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Patti's Celtic Knot

Image © Patti Wigington 2008

This was the second tattoo I got. I wanted something Celtic, because my spiritual path is rooted in my Celtic ancestry, and I particularly liked the idea of a love-knot, because my first tattoo is for me and my kids, so this one was for me and my husband. I chose this design because I saw the intricate knotwork as representative of not only love, but also of the endless interweaving journey of life and spiritual growth. This piece was inked by David Holcomb at Marty's Artistic Tattooing in Columbus, Ohio.

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Patti's Claymore Tattoo

Image © Patti Wigington 2008

A big part of my spiritual practice is the honoring of my ancestors, so I wanted a tattoo that celebrates my Scottish heritage. I took a picture of a claymore sword, and wrapped a thistle around it, and realized that it was the perfect representation of the Scottish land, its people, and ultimately my own bloodline that I honored. This piece was inked by Joe at Liquid Vision in Columbus, Ohio.

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Rain's Triple Moon

Image © Rain Blanken 2008, used with permission

Blog reader Rain Blanken said, "This is a tattoo that I aquired when I was 18. I drew the design and had a very talented friend of mine ink it on. I love this tattoo not only because it is my artwork, but also because it is packed with symbolism. There are representations of the triple Goddess, pentacle, and four elements. Ten years later, I still think it's the perfect tattoo."

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Shane's Athena Tattoo

Image © Shane 2008, used with permission

Blog reader Shane says, "My tattoo is of Athena/Minerva, her owl, and Olive branches. She is one of the Goddesses that I pray to, and feel protected by. I feel it is a way that I can always be reminded of my spirituality. I have loved Athena since I was a child, reading Greek Mythology."

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Tanis' Wolf Paw

Image © Tanis 2008, used with permission

Reader Tanis sends us photos of her ink, including this wolf's paw. She says, "The wolf paw I drew from a real wolf, shrunk it to fit my arm, and placed a purple star in the center. It is naturally flawed as a result and perfect."

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Tanis' Wolf Tattoo

Image © Tanis 2008, used with permission

Reader Tanis says of her tribal artwork, "The wolf tribal is my own design, and the eagle feather hanging down represents my family. My family name is Wuttunee which means Eagle Tail Feather in Cree."

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Lisa's Triskele

Image © Lisa S. 2008, used with permission

Lisa sends us a photo of her triskele tattoo, which is on her left foot. She says, "It's a reminder of the rule of three, to keep my feet on the path I've chosen."

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Daniel's Wolf Pentacle

Image © Daniel 2008, used with permission

Reader Daniel sends us a cool photo of his tattoo, and says, "This tattoo is of a wolf standing on top of a pentacle. I like that the wolf is part of the flames. It represents the energy and deep connection I feel to the three most important things in my life: paganism (the pentacle), my spirit animal (the wolf) and my husband (the runes underneath read "Gerard Mo Anam Cara", translated as "Gerard My Soul Mate").

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Mary's Celtic Knot

Image © Mary M. 2008, used with permission

Reader Mary M. says of her tattoo, "It's all Celtic knotwork, and I love it. I think of the trinity knot as symbolizing my dedication to the Goddess in all her phases. I actually found the design on the internet, and took it to several artists who said it wasn't a good design and the lines were too close together, but then found one who loved it and did it. This tat was inked at Bill Claydon's Tattoo World in Fayetteville, NC by Jason."

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Dino's Triquetra

Image © Dino 2008, used with permission

Blog reader Dean sends us this shot of his leg tattoo. He says, "I went in wanting a small triquetra inside a sun on my leg, The tattoo artist no that isn't you it needs to be larger and radiating the sun and love. So it went from being 2inch by 2 inch to being 6inch by 6 inch and I love it and can't imagine having a small tattoo on my leg now."

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Inga's Hand Tattoos

Image © Inga 2008, used with permission

Reader Inga submitted a couple of photos of her different tattoos. She says, "I have 3 tattoos that are what my tattoo artist and I call 'faux' Henna tattoo...I have a skin condition called granuloma annulare. The docs dont know what causes it, but they do know it wont go away, all it does is multiply, it looks like either ringworm... or that I have a horrible burn on my hands. I am of course embarrassed by this so I figured out a way to disguise them... with a 'faux' Henna tattoo. I am already a fan of regular Henna, so why not make it permanent? After consulting with my tattoo artist, he said no problem -- he thought it was a great idea. My latest tattoo was on my right hand, but the tattoo I really wanted to go on my hand would not fit there no matter how we sized it... so I decided on putting it on my left arm. He suggested I stick to the 'faux' henna type of tattoo... and I am glad I did. It looks awesome!! It is of a celtic pentagram."

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Inga's Arm Tattoo

Image © Inga 2008, used with permission

Reader Inga submitted a couple of photos of her different tattoos. She says, "I have 3 tattoos that are what my tattoo artist and I call 'faux' Henna tattoo...I have a skin condition called granuloma annulare. The docs dont know what causes it, but they do know it wont go away, all it does is multiply, it looks like either ringworm... or that I have a horrible burn on my hands. I am of course embarrassed by this so I figured out a way to disguise them... with a 'faux' Henna tattoo. I am already a fan of regular Henna, so why not make it permanent? After consulting with my tattoo artist, he said no problem -- he thought it was a great idea. My latest tattoo was on my right hand, but the tattoo I really wanted to go on my hand would not fit there no matter how we sized it... so I decided on putting it on my left arm. He suggested I stick to the 'faux' henna type of tattoo... and I am glad I did. It looks awesome!! It is of a celtic pentagram."

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RoseAnna's Sun Moon Tattoo

Image © RoseAnna 2008, used with permission

Blog reader RoseAnna says, "This beauty is a representation of the Lord and the Lady. No fancy explantion for why I got it, just made up my mind and did it. The colors came out perfect, and now my God and Goddess are a physical part of me as well as spiritual. On my back it's obvious I can't see it, but I know it's there. JUST like my God and Goddess. Ink was done by Troy Lane at AAA Tattoos in Cutler Bay, Florida. The other ink you see there is an angel with my daughters name "Treasure," the initials at the base of my neck "FSC" are actually my best friend's initials, above that but not pictured is an Aum symbol, and the tattoo on my right shoulder blade is my son Kyle's name."

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Robin Blood's Tree of Life

Image © Robin Blood, used with permission

Updated 4/9/2009: Robin has added a pair of lovely ravens to her piece. She says, " I chose to have two ravens added to my tree and I think they are the perfect addition. They represent Odin's two ravens, Hugin and Munin. I will eventually have some leaves added to complete the piece, but it's sure nice to take a break from work on the ribs."

Updated 11/28/2008: Robin has gotten her work colored in, and it's gorgeous! She says "I got it colored in last week and I'm quite pleased with it. Hopefully it will get some leaves added and maybe a creature or two at my next appointment. (My ribs will be glad when this one is finished!)"

Original text:

A lovely black and white submission from reader Robin Blood, who says, "I'm attaching my Tree of Life tattoo I got a couple of months ago on my ribs. It will be colored in next month, but for now it's black and gray. To me, the Tree of Life means growth and the ever-changing life-cycle."

Robin, be sure to send another pic after it's colored in!

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Brandon's Back Piece

Image © Brandon 2008, used with permission

Brandon from Colorado sends in a photo of this remarkable piece on his back. He says, "This was taken shortly after Round 6 (which is why my back is still all messed up). We still have a few rounds of touch-up work to do, especially on the black, but other than that, it's done. I'm very much into Dragons and the protection/magick they bring. I wanted a Pentacle, but the inspiration for this one was received from picture I saw on the internet. We made a few changes to the Elemental areas, added Zodiac Signs in the clock positions, and Rune Symbols in between the Zodiac Signs. I placed Cancer at the top since that's my sign. The center of the tattoo is a combination of all the Elements. Having harmony with all the Elements is my spiritual goal in life."

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Maeryn's Wisdom Tattoo

Image © Maeryn 2005, used with permission

Maeryn writes in with her photo of a back piece, and says, "This piece on my back was done by Jeani Day, of Red Genie Tattoo in Vallejo, CA. The original concept was based on a self-portrait by Irene Young. It's meant to represent the wisdom that we have as women. The outside edge is the Ouroboros, symbolizing the cycle of renewal. Included in the design are items representing the four directions/elements."

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Alianora's Goddess

Image © Alianora 2008, used with permission

Blog reader Alianora shares a pair of tattoos with us, and says of this one, "On my hip is my goddess, which I and 4 other women have. She is actually the symbol drawn for the Vagina Monologues for our local cast in Greeley, Colorado, but she means a lot more than that to me. We finally went and got her our third year in the cast."

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Alianora's Triskele

Image © Alianora 2008, used with permission

Reader Alianora has two tatts, and says of this one, "This is my triskal on my back... I found the exact triskal I wanted on a necklace in Ireland, and I took one look at it and knew it was going to be my tattoo. It took me another three years to make sure and actually get it done. I've had it 8 years, and I still love it. It's a constant reminder that the world keeps turning, and that life goes on, no matter what. And as you can see, threes mean a good bit to me."

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Rane's Pentacle

Image © Rane 2008, used with permission

Reader Rane says of her pentacle tattoo, "I go by Rane which means My Joy. My partner gave me that name. I chose to take it on as my spiritual/Pagan name. My tattoo symbolizes me and my partner and our devotion in the old ways. It is a pentacle that has 4 blooms and one bud. Each of the blooms represent each of my daughters and the one bud represents my granddaughter. I asked the artist to leave a lil room by each bloom so that I can add on to it as my daughters have children on their own. It is on the right shoulder blade next to my birth mark."

I love seeing tattoos where people have incorporated their love of family into their spiritual practices. Beautiful!

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Maya's Dragon

Image © Maya 2008, used with permission

Blog reader Maya shares her beautiful dragon piece with us and an amazing story. She says, "I searched for years for the right tattoo, until one day on the internet I found this old painting called Earth Dragon, and I chose the central theme of the painting for my tattoo. There are several connections I have to this particular piece of art, and all of them are VERY meaningful for me. Getting this done, finally, at the ripe old age of 44 yrs was the culmination of a lifelong search for my path. This 2 part piece has obvious representations in the pagan world, The Greenman-new life, growth, change; Earth Dragon - protection, life, courage, strength, guardian and guide; Earth - the Goddess, all life, rebirth, fragile beauty.

Having this work done is the symbol of my permanent commitment to my paganistic faith in The All. There is always pain involved in getting a tattoo, and the 4.5 hrs it took to get this done all in one sitting, from sketching to filling, was exquisitely so, and it's something i wouldn't have missed for anything. I look at the pain as symbolizing the pain that I had suffered in my life up to that point, before i had found my path. The pain of loss, fear, abuse, neglect, not belonging anywhere, of being lost in a world of strangers. There was intense, extreme pain when the artist did the tail of the dragon, there is a small bundle of nerves just under there, and it had me in moaning tears. That was the greatest pain of my life, the loss of my son... but the moment the tattoo was finished began the healing, the finding of the path, the finding of MY path to The All, and there hasn't been a single moment that I've regretted since then.

The tat also represents other, much more mundane things in my life. The greenman also represents my husband Joe, who literally saved my very life from drugs and alcohol when we first met, he loved me and brought great good change to my life. The earth represents my children, and my life. The dragon is myself, I live to serve and to protect; to bring life, to save life; to love, and to teach love. This tattoo means a great many very important things to me. It was supposed to. I think if you're going to change something the Goddess gave us in it's purity, that it should mean a great deal. That's why it took so long to find it."

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Sham's Green Man

Image © Sham 2008, used with permission

Sham sent in this photo of his right arm piece, a Green Man tattoo. He says, "I consider it to be the "Inner Me."

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Kim's Pent & Trees

Image © Kim 2008, used with permission

Kim sends in her tattoo and says, "This design is based on a celtic version of the Tree of Life. The pentacle represents my connection to the 5 elements. It's still a work in progress, the god and goddess aspects are to be added next. When it's complete, it will make a *hip belt* of my life and story. The idea came to me during a drum circle several years ago and it has been waiting to be brought to life by various artists. This first part took approx 5 hours."

Kim, that's awesome -- be sure to send in updated photos when you get more work done on it!

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MariAnne's Horned God

Image © MariAnne 2008, used with permission

Reader MariAnne sends in a photo of her Horned God tattoo, and says, "This one happened earlier this year and is inspired by Neil Sims's sculpture of Cernunnos/Pan and is my own personal offering of dedication to the Horned One. It was inked by Ethan Morgan in NYC."

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MariAnne's Great Rite

Image © MariAnne 2008, used with permission

Reader MariAnne says of her arm piece, "I got this to commemorate my 40th b-day and 10 years practicing Wicca. It is the Wiccan symbolic Great Rite with my degree sigil from my tradition and several other symbols that are meaningful to me such as the triple moon. It was inked by Jamie Schwartz in NJ."

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Chuck's Dragon

Image © Chuck 2008, used with permission

Reader Chuck shares this complex back piece, and says, "I started getting inked a year or so ago, my first was in memory of my bestfriend who had passed, my Doberman, and it snowballed from there, currently I have 13 tattoos. I am getting another one next week on my calf, but its my back piece that I chose to send in. Dragons and Wolves are my spirit guides and have been with me my entire life, the artist that I use figures I have about 16 to 20 more hours to go till completion. I know that it is going to be awesome when done."

It's very cool indeed -- be sure to send us a photo when it's all finished!

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Leonna's Bast Tattoo

Image © Leonna 2008, used with permission

Reader Leonna sends in her inked picture of Bast, and says, "I've always had an attachment to cats and feel very connected to Bast. My sun sign is Leo. I've always felt the the statues of Bast show the cat as adored since she is draped in jewelry. Bast represents the fierce mother, a graceful protector. She is one of the 3 eyes of Ra. I feel that she is the Goddess that looks out for me. I waited a long time before getting a tattoo and finally found something that meant a lot to me. I researched several statues and drawings of Bast statues and was also inspired by a fantasy cat art site. The photo makes the tattoo look a bit dark but I chose a lilac point siamese cat because it's one of my favorite breeds."

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Sonic's Dragon

Image © Robert/Sonic, used with permission

Reader and Forum regular Sonic sends in his dragon tattoo. He says, "This tattoo is of a dragon resting on a pentacle. The dragon is a symbol of strength, power, ferocity, wisdom, protection and guardianship, and the pentacle is for the craft. You will notice the colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple. Yes the rainbow, as it also ties in my homosexuality, as I do not think I would have the abilities I do if I were straight. It also ties in with the elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water with purple being the psychic or spirit element of my world. Thus a blending of all the elements to make my craft work."

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Patti's Sun/Moon

Image © Patti Wigington 2009

This is a tattoo I got for my 40th birthday. It incorporates elements of my spirituality with other aspects of my life. The sun is for the power and good fortune I've had in my life so far, while the moon represents intuition and wisdom -- something I'm still hoping to achieve. The Pictish spirals in the center are from a design on the cross of Aberlemno, in Scotland. Finally, the number 9 has both magical and personal significance to me.

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Sonic's Phoenix

Image © Robert/Sonic 2009, used with permission

Sonic sends in a photo of his beautiful phoenix tattoo. He says, "It is for transformation, rebirth, life and death cycles, and has my protection symbol incorporated. This tattoo was done by Memphis at Obscurities in Dallas, Texas. It is on my upper right arm."

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Shannon's Blessed Be

Image © Shannon 2009, used with permission

Reader Shannon has multiple tattoos, including this cool arm piece, and says, "Here are a few of my pagan tattoos. I have been a wiccan for seven years now and my pagan tattoos are some of my favorite tattoos i have. (i have 18 total) the one of my outer forearm says "Blesses Be", then of course my > pentagram with wings and tripple moon below it, and the celtic moon and star on the palm of my right hand."

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Crimson Moon's Wristbands

Image © Crimson Moon 2009, used with permission

Reader Crimson Moon has artwork on her wrists, and says, "These are special because one symbolizes the Wiccan side of myself, and the other is the knot of Isis which symbolizes my goddess."

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Tina's Triquetra

Image © Tina F. 2009, used with permission

Reader Tina has two tattoos to share with us. Of this one, she says, "My first tattoo was on 6/30/05, the triquetra on the small of my back. This was a birthday gift to myself. I was 34. It was plain and simple and fit me well for the time being. 3/15/08 I decided I needed to add something to my triquetra, my guardians the black panther and the water dragon. I now feel this piece is complete. It takes up most of my lower back and is about 6 inches high."

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Tina's Sun & Moon

Image © Tina F. 2009, used with permission

Reader Tina has a triquetra with a panther and dragon, and she also has this piece. She says, "This picture is the moon/sun for the goddess/god done on 7/26/08. This is on my ankle and I plan on adding more to it in the near future. I feel they are both significant to my pagan belief showing the symbol of trinity, my guardians, and representation of the goddess/god."

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Michael's Moon Goddess

Image © Michael 2009, used with permission

Reader Michael sends in this beautiful photo of his tattoo. He says, "It's my interpretation of a goddess sitting on a crescent moon. I partially took the idea from an old French silent film called "A Trip to the Moon."

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Mark's Sun Tattoo

Image © Mark G. 2009, used with permission

Reader Mark shares his ink with us, and says, "My tat represents a new beginning in my life and my conversion to my Celtic ancestors' religion. I chose it as my back piece -- the sun for new life and had the triple horns of Odin centered inside for the center of my spirituality. I am going for more adornment around it and have found a few pieces to complete the work. This was done by Runner in Stafford, VA."

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Shannon's Lady Maiden

Image © Shannon, used with permission

Reader Shannon sends in a lovely Lady Maiden, and says, "This started off with the star and I knew I needed to finish it but I wasn't ready yet. I had that for about 3 years. I knew I wanted to complete the cycle of life or the bringing together of the elements and all that is within it. I sat one evening for a few hours and started to draw, we made a couple changes because it would have been very large. For me this tattoo represents my path in life and what I have come to be. It is when I finally felt whole as a woman and found my ways, the god and goddess depicted in the crescent was blessing for me because for so long I was lost and trying to find my path and where I belonged. Now a mother of 5 it is time to create a new one for the center of my back, the 'Mother'. Better leave room for the Crone too! The tattoo artist Troy from Freedom Tattoos Vernon, BC."

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Angela's Green Man

Image © Angela, used with permission

Reader Angela has an armband piece, and says, "I have the Earth Mother on one side, the Green Man on the other, and the grapes symbolize abundance and the vines represent the intertwining cycle of life."

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Angela's Earth Mother

Image © Angela; used with permission

Reader Angela has two components to her arm band, and says, "I have the Earth Mother on one side, Green Man on the other, the grapes symbolize abundance and the vines represent the intertwining cycle of life."

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Angela C's Goddess

Image © Angela C, used with permission

Reader Angela C says, "I got the tattoo on my foot for several reasons. The first is to have the Goddess close to me, she grounds me and calms my footsteps. The second is that this representation of her is so simple and yet her femininity is so clearly expressed that I was drawn to the picture. Finally...foot tattoos are just sexy!"

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Angela C's Spiral

Image © Angela C, used with permission

Reader Angela C says, "The tattoo on my neck is very special to me. I have 2 wonderful sisters and we all share the same tattoo in the same place. We couldn't think of a better place to represent our own family power of three. As I work in a conservative enviroment, I must hide my body art. I don't mind though, they mean more to me than they ever would to anyone to saw them."

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Carly's Back Piece

Image © Carly, used with permission

Reader Carly sends in photos of her ink, and says of this back piece, "This is a tattoo featuring pentacles, moons & the trinity symbols. I had seen the design originally with suns, moons, & stars, but changed the suns to the pentacles & the stars to the trinity symbol. I just had this one done this past February."

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Carly's Moon & Cat

Image © Carly, used with permission

Carly shares her tattoo photos with us, including this lovely piece off her shoulder. She says, "This is my first tattoo. It was my own original design & the tattoo artist "nailed it" based on what I described I wanted. It is of a crescent moon with a cat sitting on it & its tail is wrapped around the moon. My zodiac sign is Cancer & Cancers are known as "moon children". I've hence refer to myself as a "moongoddess" and have a fascination with moons, especially crescents. I also love cats, and the cat on the moon depicts my cat, Oz Lestat."

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Teresa's Burning Times

Image © Teresa, used with permission

Blog reader Teresa says of her tattoo, "Never Again The Burning Times - I chose this tattoo because I think it's important that we remember the past and be careful to not let history repeat itself."

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Labrys' Athena

Image © TomCynPhotoArts, used with permission

Regular reader Labrys shares her awesome artwork, including this one of Athena. She says, "I have been devoted to Athena since I was 20 and joined the Women's Army Corp, Athena was the official patroness! I did not get the tatt until I was almost 50 and it is still my favorite."

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Labrys' Cougar

Image © TomCynPhotoArts, used with permission

Labrys has a number of tattoos, including this cougar. She says, "This is my Elemental Cougar, my totem embellished with our signature mountain and forests for Earth, the sunrise and flames for Fire, the whirlpool for Water, and the starry night sky for Air."

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Labrys' Back Tattoos

Image © TomCynPhotoArts, used with permission

Labrys has several tattoos that can be seen in this photo, and she says, "This shows most of my tattoo work...Athena between my shoulders, the Cretan Bee Goddess on my lower back, the Elemental serpents on my left arm and the seven petal'd rose (for Hekate) and seven pointed star for Kybele on my left shoulder, and the Cougar on my right."

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Robin Blood's Crescent Moon

Image © Robin Blood, used with permission

Robin Blood has new ink, and she says, "It's a Celtic crescent moon with a pentacle in the center. I consider myself to be a Celtic Wiccan and have always had a fondness for Celtic artwork. The pentacle is there to keep me protected throughout my day and to symbolize earth, air, water, fire and spirit. I'm also contemplating having color added to the moon and pentacle, but for now I'm happy with the black and gray. I want to have a Celtic sun done on my other shoulder to balance it out, but it may have to wait for now."

This tattoo was done by Tree in Tuolumne, CA.

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Georgie's Spirit Guide

Image © Georgie H, used with permission

Reader Georgie says, "This is my Spirit guide. His name is Mahowiemanaw. He has guided me through a lot. I had him put on my arm when I was 52 (10 year ago). It was through a visionary that I was given his name and I dreamed of what he looked like."

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Lylak's Pentacle

Image © Lylak 2009, used with permission.

Reader Lylak says, "My bracelet was designed by my youngest daughter when she was 16 & I decided on colors when I got the tattoo. It's 5 tribal lines on each side that go around my wrist, which are the element colors & white, back of wrist (unseen) has a line on both sides each colored lavender which closes the bracelet & under the pentacle is colored in orange/red/gray to resemble smoldering fire, because I am the Fire element. It is my eternal symbol of my love, respect & devotion for Mother Earth."

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Amanda's Tribal Piece

Image © Amanda, used with permission

Reader Amanda shares her cool tribal piece, and says, "This piece is on my back, designed by myself. All of my art is very organic looking tribal. The top part of the tattoo is the sun representing the God, The bottom two crescent moons along with the center make up the triple moon of the Goddess. The spiral itself means so much more than just one thing. It represents life, the cosmos, the seasons and both the God and Goddess to me. It is eternal in it's movement."

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Deena's Butterfly

Image © Deena, used with permission

Reader Deena sends in this back piece, and says, "The Butterfly is one of my animal guides and I designed the tattoo myself the day I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. The Butterfly was done on Jaime's first birthday and I added her name, Jaime Leigh and 'My Love, My Life, My Soul' on her third birthday. The Butterfly not only symbolizes my joy and freedom but also my transformation from child to mother. My daughter loves hearing the story of why I have a butterfly that symbolizes her on my back and often talks me into putting a temporary tattoo of a butterfly on her lower back!!"

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Inga's Ribbon

Image © Inga, used with permission

Reader Inga shares her tattoo, and says, "This pic is of a tattoo that me and my former Coven co-founder had done last year early summer -- matching Pagan Pride ribbons!"

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John's Arm Piece

Image © John, used with permission

John shares his pic, and says, "I got this piece about a year ago. It is the start of a full sleeve where I intend to complete it with representations of each element."

Can't wait to see how it looks when it's finished!

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Tony's Memorial Tattoo

Image © Tony, used with permission

Reader Tony shares with us a lovely memorial tattoo. He says, "This is dedicated to my daughter Tarra. The initials TEN are hers (Tarra Eliazabeth Nicole) and the years were her short life."

This is powerful and beautiful and moving indeed.

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Margaret's THT Tattoo

Image © Margaret, used with permission

Margaret has a tattoo that honors her coven, the Temple of Hekate's Torch, to honor Hekate.

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Saradin's Hermes Tattoo

Image © Saradin, used with permission

Saradin's tattoo is honor of Hermes, the Greek god of wisdom. In ancient Egypt, Hermes was seen as Thoth, the speaker for the gods.

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Mo's Tree Tattoo

Image © Mo, used with permission

Reader Mo has this lovely tree piece on her back, and says, "As above, so below". The branches reach up to the sky and the roots dig deep into the earth. Although trees are said to be magical, this tree is also a representation of me. The Chinese symbols mean freedom."

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Sarah D's Butterfly

Image © Sarah D, used with permission

Reader Sarah D sends in a photo of her ink, and says, "This is a tattoo I had done on my ankle about 7 years ago. It is one of three tattoos I currently have. The butterfly represents the change I've gone through in my life and the beauty that results from all change, good or bad. It was to be a part of a larger design that went completely around my ankle but the artist who did it died and so instead, I keep it by its self as a tribute to a wonderful tattoo artist and the wonder of change in a persons life."

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Justin's Pentacle

Image © Justin, used with permission

Justin shares his pentacle design, and says, "I received this tattoo on my 18th birthday. It is a simple pentacle design outlined by characters that reflect the purpose of the tattoo: Top (spirit): The rune of love.
Top left (air): The rune of friendship.
Top right (water): The symbol of bane. Which I implemented as protection from illness.
Bottom left (earth): The Triquetra.Which I use in my rituals to symbolize protection from physical harm.
Bottom right (fire): The sword. My personal representation of strength and honor.


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Kathy's Goddess

Image © Kathy 2009, used with permission

Reader Kathy sends us a photo of the tattoo on the back of her neck, which includes a goddess figure, a pentacle, and lunar symbols. She says the best part about this piece is that her best friend designed it!

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Phoenix's Phoenix

Image © Phoenix 2009, used with permission

Reader Marcy goes by the name Phoenix Fireshine, and says, "My pagan name is Phoenix Fireshine of the lighted lamp. The tattoo is a Phoenix, with an eye of Ra. After years of being seriously unhappily married, I got a divorce, found myself and met the love of my life... :) I've gone through immense changes and that is what my phoenix represents. (with a lil bit of protection thrown in for good measure, lol.) It took me a long time to draw out exactly what I wanted - tweaked of course by the artist - but I finally have a representation of my new life."

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Three Sisters' Tattoo

Image © Sarah, used with permission

Reader Sarah tells a great story about her tattoo work. She says, "The tattoo picture I have submitted is a photo of my sisters and I (in picture order - Terra's arm, Kelly's neck and my arm). The tattoo we have is a combination of a Triskele and a Triquetra. My interpetation of each symbol is Triquetra- triple goddess/sisterhood (or in christianity it means the holy trinity) and Triskele- infinate/forever. My sisters and I decided to go together and get a tatto that would represent us all (3 sisters) and our beliefs (Terra and I- pagan, Kelly- Christian) and our heritage (mostly Celtic). So we decided on this tattoo and now all three of us carry the mark of our love for each other and our unending bond as sisters and friends."

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Mark's Back Piece

Image © Mark, used with permission

Reader Mark from Louisiana says, "I got this tattoo about a year ago, it is simple, and expresses a lot at the same time... I thoroughly enjoy this form of expression and one day hope to continue my body art involving my Wiccan beliefs."

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Sarah's Pent Tattoo

Image © Sarah, used with permission

Reader Sarah says, "My husband & I have this custom made tattoo design on our back shoulders. Mine is on my right and his on his left to show us connected as one being. the green (as the element earth) vined cycle is the never ending growth & love for each other and for the craft. The blue rose (to symbolize as element water) is the blossoming of our relationship with each other and with the craft. The star is obvious (earth, air,fire, water & spirt) and triquetra is for us to be concected by mind, body and soul."

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Rachel's Feather

Image © Rachel, used with permission

Rachel tells us the story behind her simple yet lovely tattoo. She says, "This is my first tattoo, I got a raven feather across my left shoulder. It represents Odin, the Norse All-Father god. It also symbolizes Odin's ravens Hugin and Munin. I have had an affinity to ravens and crows all my life, and now I get to carry this with me at all times. It also represents my past, I was abused my whole childhood by family, and this is a symbol of what I have survived and overcome."

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Shari's Tree of Life

Image © Shari, used with permission

Check out this amazing pic sent in by reader Shari. She says, "Here a a photo of my Tree of Life Pentacle. Around the edge it states, "Thee I invoke by the Moonlit Sea, by the Standing Stone, and the Twisted Tree." It took two hours for the black inkwork, and a half hour for the white highlight ink. I love this piece, and have gotten many compliments on it!"

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Kim's Arm Tattoos

Image © Kim, used with permission

Reader Kim shares her tattoos with us - she has several, and these two are her third and fourth. She says that the pentacle is a symbol of her beliefs, and that the Eye of Horus represents her love of Egyptian mythology.

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Robin Blood's Shoulder Art

Image © Robin Blood; used with permission

Regular reader Robin Blood, who also sports a cool Tree of Life piece, says, "My latest addition is a Celtic sun on my right shoulder, based on the sun in Jen Delyth's Awen image. In my mind I wanted the sun and moon (on my left shoulder) to match up in size and style, but I have to say that I'm glad they look different. Tree in Tuolumne, at West Side Ink, has not let me down yet and I intend to have color added to both shoulder pieces."

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Chad's Tree of Life

Image © Chad N., used with permission

Blog reader Chad sends us this spectacular arm piece depicting the tree of life. Beneath is is the quote "Not all who wander are lost," from author JRR Tolkien.

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Lauren's Ankh

Image © Lauren C., used with permission

Reader Lauren has an ankh on the back of her neck, and says, "An ankh is a symbol for eternal life. When a pentacle is used with an Egyptian symbol, it's a sign for protection. There's a lot of powerful things in both designs, not limited to just that."

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Cindi's Back Piece

Image © Cindy, used with permission

Cindi sends in this photo of a tattoo she has on her lower back, and says, "This is a tattoo that I have on my lower back. After spending years searching for my spiritually, I finally found it in Paganism. I wanted a tattoo to celebrate that my search was over (though I still have so much to learn). I spent 2 years designing this tattoo. I began with a Pentacle for my protection, surrounded by the symbol for the Goddess, as I am surrounded in the protection of The Goddess. It also contains my children's names, so they are always with me, violets: my birth flower, and of course, BLESSED, because I truly am blessed. I got the tat in July 09. In October 09, I had to have emergency surgery on my lower back. Fortunately, my neurosurgeon was able to do the surgery just below the tattoo, without cutting into it."

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Beth's Triple Moon

Image © Beth J., used with permission

Reader Beth from New York sends in her triple moon piece, and says, "This is the triple moon goddess symbol I had tattooed onto my back. Very faintly in the center moon is the 5 pointed star representing all of the elements. I wanted the triple moon to signify the three stages of my life as a woman. The Maiden, The Mother and The Crone."

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Jenn's Dragon

Image © Jenn A., used with permission

Jenn sends us a photo of her dragon, and says, "I have always loved dragons,and the pentagram is my favorite symbol of Wicca. I had Fire worked into it, and to me, the dragon is Air. I have a hibiscus on my back, so that's Earth, now all I need is Water."

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Darlene's Turtle

Image © Darlene, used with permission

Darlene shares a photo of the turtle tattoo on her lower leg, and says, "The tattoo is of two turtles swimming. The symbolism for getting this particular tattoo to me were: the turtles to represent water (I am Pisces and turtles are one of my totem animals) and Native American spirituality as the turtle carries Mother Earth on it's back. The triquetra to respresent the unending cycle of life and mother, maiden, crone as well as the moon cycles and the celtic flower (ie pentagram) to represent my spiritual path."

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Aimee's Pentacle

Image © Aimee, used with permission

Reader Aimee sends us a photo of her back piece, and says, "My tattoo consists of a Tree of Life, a Pentacle, 2 Triquetras surrounded by 4 triple goddess symbols. As a Wiccan, these symbols are very important to me and my every day life. The tree of life wrapping around the pentacle signifies that all life comes from one source that reaches beyond the spiritual world. It is the source of all life. It is also the symbol I am using for my nonprofit foundation called The Majestic Dreams Foundation ( The Pentacle is a symbol of protection as well as a symbol of the major elements of air, fire, water, earth and spirit connecting all of them on the top. The triquetras on the side signify things of threefold such as the crone, mother, and the maiden. The triple goddess symbols surrounding the tattoo signify the moon phases as well as the sign of the Goddess. I chose the color purple because it is a symbolic for magic, spirituality, as well as divination. My tattoo was done by Shaun Swonger."

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Samantha's Tree of Life

Image © Samantha, used with permission

Reader Samantha sends us her Tree of Life tattoo. She says that "for a long time I was not grounded -- I was just out there. Now I am a very grounded person... during meditation I can feel the pulse of the earth through my roots."

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Awen's Green Man

Image © Awen, used with permission

Awen sends us a photo of his chest tattoos, and says, "The green man is the the center piece with seven bind runes and magic symbols on the chest. The two witches pentacles are on the upper chest area."

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