Painting Ideas

Never be stuck without an original painting idea ever again.

If you're looking for painting ideas and inspiration, here's a whole load of ideas that'll keep you painting day after day. It'll enable you to focus on painting rather than hunting around for ideas.

31 Painting Ideas for January

Painting a day ideas
Painting © Buff Holtman

Starting the new year with a resolution to paint every day? This list of 31 painting ideas provides ideas for the whole of January, ensuring you get off to a good start.

28 Ideas for February

Get painting ideas from art history
Photo © Linda Cole

February may be the shortest month of the year, but thanks to this list you'll never be short of painting ideas during it.

31 Painting Ideas from Poetry

© John Quinlan

Use a snippet of poetry as the starting point for a painting, let the words and poet's imagery jumpstart your artistic imagination. Don't think you're going to need to be able to do literary analyses, it's only a few words from each poem.

30 Painting Ideas from Idioms and Sayings

Painting a day ideas
Image © Ben Killen Rosenberg / Getty Images

So many of the sayings and idioms we use every day are perfect ideas for paintings if we only stopped for a little while to think about how the words could be interpreted.

Painting Ideas: 31 More Ideas from Idioms

Painting ideas for doing a painting every day
Photo © Bobbi Tull / Getty Images

If you've painted your way through the month's worth of Painting Ideas from Idioms, here are another 31 painting ideas inspired by idioms and sayings to keep you painting daily. So no more excuses for not picking up a brush because you haven't got an idea for a painting!

Artist's Birthdays

Painting of Famous Artists Impressionists
Painting by Shrl of Nine Famous Impressionists. Painting ©2010 Papaya Shrl

What's today's date? How about using a famous artist (or, indeed, a lesser known one) who was born today as the inspiration for a painting? Copy one of their paintings (a great way to really appreciate an artwork) or a part thereof, use something from their style.

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