Geography of Pakistan's Provinces and Capital Territory

List of Pakistan's Four Provinces and One Capital Territory

map of Pakistan and its borders

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Pakistan is a country located in the Middle East near the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman. The country is known as having the sixth-largest population in the world and the second-largest Muslim population in the world after Indonesia, is a developing nation with an underdeveloped economy and it has a hot desert climate combined with cold mountainous areas. Most recently, Pakistan has experienced severe flooding that has displaced millions and destroyed a large part of its infrastructure.

The country of Pakistan is divided into four provinces and one capital territory for local administration (as well as several federally administered tribal areas). The following is a list of Pakistan's provinces and territory, arranged by land area. For reference, population and capital cities have also been included.

Capital Territory

1) Islamabad Capital Territory

  • Land Area: 906 sq km
  • Population: 805,235
  • Capital: Islamabad



  • Land Area: 347,190 sq km
  • Population: 6,565,885
  • Capital: Quetta


  • Land Area: 205,345 sq km
  • Population: 73,621,290
  • Capital: Lahore


  • Land Area: 140,914 sq km
  • Population: 30,439,893
  • Capital: Karachi


  • Land Area: 74,521 sq km
  • Population: 17,743,645
  • Capital: Peshawar


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