PALMER Surname Meaning and Family History

The origin of the Palmer surname has ties to palm branches.
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From the Middle English and Old French palmer or paumer, taken from palme meaning "palm tree." Palmer or Parmer was often a nickname for someone who had been on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and brought back a palm branch as proof that they had actually made the journey.

Palmer can also be a geographical German surname for someone living among the pussy willows or palms, from the Middle High German palme, balme, meaning "pussy willow" or "palm tree."

Surname Origin: English, German, Dutch


Famous People with the PALMER Surname

  • A. Mitchell Palmer - U.S. attorney general under Woodrow Wilson responsible for launching the Palmer Raids
  • Arnold Palmer - American champion golfer
  • Robert Palmer - British singer songwriter
  • Keke Palmer - American actress and singer
  • Austin Norman Palmer - Author of the Palmer Method of penmanship
  • Edward Palmer - British botanist
  • Henry Spencer Palmer - British Army military engineer and surveyor

Where is the PALMER Last Name Most Common?

Palmer, according to surname data from Forebears, is most common in the United States where it ranks as the 155th most common surname in the country. It is very common in England, where it ranks 80th, as well as New Zealand (114th) and Australia (125th). The surname is fairly evenly distributed around England, but ranks highest in Norfolk (15th), Somerset (15th), Cambridgeshire (19th) and Leicestershire (22nd).

WorldNames PublicProfiler has the Palmer surname as most commonly found in the United Kingdom, with the greatest numbers clustered in Norfolk County and around the city of Birmingham.

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